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Welcome to Crayons and Drywall! Trip to Beechview Spray Park

First blog post!  New blog!  I’m retiring Pamcakes and Eggs.  I’ve had it for too long and that blog is full of too much poorly organized junk.  This blog is going to be about parenting and kids, kid activities in Pittsburgh, crafting, baking, cooking, home renovations and probably some other things too.  Home/child/diy related.

First up, Sam and I went to the Beechview spray park last week.  Here he is in his swim gear:

We live in Mt. Lebanon and it took us only about 15 minutes to get there.  We got there at about 930 on a very hot day.  There were two other women with their kids there but it started to get more crowded by 10.  Sam wasn’t really that into it. He seemed a little unsure about it but he did love screaming with all the other kids.

I changed him into a swim diaper and trunks in the car when we got there and he wore his Keens the whole time but many kids were shoeless with no problem.  There isn’t much seating around the place (just one shaded picnic table and 3 benches) so if it gets crowded, there probably won’t be a place to sit.

There is a regular playground with two play structures right next to the spray park.  Sam mostly wanted to play over there instead of in the water.  The spray park section was really clean and there was one staff member there cleaning.  The regular playground wasn’t as clean and I was constantly following Sam around trying to stop him picking up garbage.

There is a large parking lot and bathrooms right outside of the park.  The city also provides free lunch from 11-1 and then a free snack in the afternoon to the kids.  I talked to the lady in charge briefly and she said they give out about 30 lunches a day and its first come first serve.  The day we were there, the lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich and the snack was animal crackers.

The spray parks in the city are open 9am to 8pm.  Here’s a link: http://pittsburghpa.gov/citiparks/spray-parks

There is also a spray park in Round Hill Park which isn’t “city” but Sam and I plan to check it out soon.  Apparently they have a little farm too!  It’s a 45 minute drive from our house though so we’ll have to go on a day when I’m willing to risk a car nap.

Beechview Spray Park

Located at Vanucci Playground, Orangewood Avenue & Westfield

Open 9AM to 8PM

Cost: FREE!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Crayons and Drywall! Trip to Beechview Spray Park

  1. So fun! Splash parks are genius — especially when you have toddlers. This looks like a fantastic one. Congrats on the new blog!

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