Trip to South Park

Sam and I didn’t have any plans today so we decided to check out South Park.  It’s actually not very far from our house and was about a 20 minute drive so probably 30-40 minutes from the city.  They have a wave pool, ice rink, mini-golf, regular golf and a BMX track as well as a long, paved trail.

One of things I miss about living on the North Side of town is having access to North Park.  To compare the two, I kind of prefer North Park just because North Park has a lake and South Park doesn’t.  Sam would probably love ducks!

We drove around a bit until we found a playground and parked.  There were two play structures about 100 feet from each other that turned out to be exactly the same!  Kind of odd since they were so close together.  Of course we played on both. (There are more play structures throughout the park).

Two of these plus swings next to each:

Sam has just mastered hanging and swinging from things:

Here is the trail next to the road.  It’s nice because it’s flat and paved so there were many strollers and walkers and you don’t need a jogging stroller at all.  Plus it’s nice and wide so bikes, people, dogs and strollers all fit without much maneuvering.

We spent about an hour playing and walking around and then headed home.  Sam liked to watch the bikers and the trucks driving by and having big, safe areas to run.  We’ll definitely be back.  Especially once he’s a bit older and wants to ride a bike or scooter around.

South Park

2,013 acres

Buffalo Drive, South Park, PA 15129


3 thoughts on “Trip to South Park

      • it’s great! they have all kinds of other birds in enclosures too, years ago they had an albino peacock but i’m not sure if it’s still there.

        it’s free, you just kind of walk around at your own pace. i *think* there might be feed for the ducks in a bubblegum type dispenser, but i’d take some bread just in case!

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