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Our Bathroom Renovation

Posting about the shelf in the bathroom yesterday got me thinking about how our bathroom looked when we first bought this house 2.5 years ago.  The house was winterized because it was a foreclosure so… plastic wrap covering the toilet, yes, and pink tile everywhere!  When we turned on the water during the home inspection, we found that the water from the bathroom leaked into the ceiling light of the kitchen.  Not safe.  So getting the bathroom in working condition was our first priority.

We didn’t sell the house we were living in when we bought this one so we stayed in the old house and Aaron renovated the bathroom before we moved in.


We took the bathroom walls down to the studs and Aaron had to break up like 6 inches of concrete that was poured underneath the tile on the floor.  We did not keep anything except for the ceiling plaster and even that needed to be patched.

The toilet and sink are both Kohler from Lowe’s and the tub was also from Lowe’s.  I ordered the sink and shower hardware online.  The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray which really isn’t gray at all but a pretty dark green/blue.  The curtain on the window was made from a shower curtain from Target on clearance that I cut and sewed into two panels.

This was our first attempt at tiling.  We rented a wet saw from Home Depot and we managed to finish tiling the tub surround and the floor in one very long day (so we didn’t have to pay for 2 rental days).  We used mostly white subway tile for the shower with just one row of greenish glass tile.  We used in stock Home Depot marble for the floor.

Even though it’s a tiny room, it’s been pretty functional for us and it doesn’t take very long to clean one, small bathroom.  Benefits of having a small house = much less cleaning time.

I just saw a deer moseying through our yard.  I have to go save our one tomato plant!


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