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Current House Projects

Sam and I are heading to Florida tomorrow to visit my family!  We decided to take one last trip before he turns two and needs his own plane ticket.  Unfortunately Aaron can’t come with us because he is busy at work and saving vacation time for when the baby is born.

I’m a little nervous to fly alone with Sam (especially at almost age 2) but we did it once before and it went pretty well.  It’s a non-stop flight early in the morning so hopefully he’ll be sleepy enough to be content eating snacks and watching Curious George.  If not, I also packed books, crayons, little balls, matchbox cars and enough snacks to feed us for 3 days.

While we’re gone, Aaron is probably going to work on some of the house renovations.

{Aaron hard at work while I’m lounging over the weekend}

Our current projects:

  • Finishing up this wall outside of the bathroom.  When we renovated the bathroom, we had to take out the wall here to replace the plumbing.  It’s been a project on the back burner ever since.  The time has now come!  Aaron put in drywall about a week ago and the project is moving along.  Yep, we’ll have one smooth (new drywall) wall and the rest, textured plaster.  It happens. #oldhouse

  • Paint the extra bedroom that will be Sam’s new room.  I finished painting the Hale Navy accent wall and just picked out a color for the rest of the room.  We’re going with White Dove by Benjamin Moore for the other three walls.  After we finish painting that room, we will have painted every single wall and ceiling in this whole house!

  • Install new closet doors in Sam’s new bedroom.  There were broken sliding mirror closet doors there when we bought the house so we removed those and there haven’t been closet doors since.  Of course the closet opening is a weird size so Aaron has to extend the walls and close in the opening some to make the doors fit.

{Closet doors being painted in the driveway over the weekend}

  • Finish the trim around our new front window.  It’s so close to being finished!

We ordered two more new windows a couple of days ago so pretty soon all three front windows will be replaced in the house.  Woo!  Only 9 more to order.  It’s a slow process but the new front window has really made a huge difference, both looking out from inside and looking at the house from the street.

This post makes it sound kind of awful that Sam and I are going to Florida and Aaron is stuck here working on the house but he enjoys it!  It’s so hard to get this stuff done while taking care of Sam and it can be frustrating that every project has to be done in tiny increments of time.  When Aaron gets home from work, it’s hard for me to keep taking care of Sam so Aaron can work on the house.  Usually by the time Aaron gets home from work, I need a break from the little man.  It’s a definitely a balancing act that we’re still figuring out.


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