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House Renovation Updates

Someone is listening to pop music outside.  I can hear it because I have the front door open because it’s only 70 degrees outside!

This morning Sam and I met a friend and her daughter at the USC park.  I actually packed a sweater!  After the park, Sam and I stopped at Home Depot to look at ceiling fans and get some fencing to put up around our ONE tomato plant.  The deer attacked it while we were in Florida and all the green tomatoes are gone.  I got five foot stakes and 25 feet of garden fencing.  It would be cheaper to just buy tomatoes at this point.

You can also see in the picture that our basil plant is barely hanging on.  The weevils killed it.

While we were in Florida, Aaron finished installing the new front window.  Here’s a before picture:window before

And after:


He also finished the drywall and trim outside of the bathroom.  Here it is before we left:

And now:


I also wanted to mention that my dad gave me a new lens for my dslr camera!  The old one was broken so I haven’t been able to use that camera.  But now it’s back in one piece so hopefully my pictures will start to be a little better.

I took some pictures of Sam this morning helping me garden.

179 182 176


3 thoughts on “House Renovation Updates

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  2. Window looks great! We have tons of deer who set up camp in our yard so I pretty much refuse to plant anything until we build some sort of fenced in garden. Which will probably never happen. I should just plant deer-friendly plants and let them have at it, haha. Good luck with your tomatoes!

    • Not only do you have to build a fenced in garden, it needs to be REALLY tall to stop them. Friends of ours have a giant 10 foot tall fence around their garden. It is ridiculous.

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