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Coupons, Couponing

I’m thinking about getting this fan for Sam’s new room.  It’s $85 at Lowe’s and I have a $10 off coupon.

I put up the fencing around the tomato plant but I think larger deer can still reach over and get it.  We’ll see what happens.  Now I can’t get in there either though…  I’m going to have to use a ladder if I ever want to pick a tomato.

I took a trip to Target last night to buy a new pillow.  Sam uses a pillow now and I don’t like sleeping with just one, especially while pregnant.  I also wandered around Target a bit taking pictures of prices of grocery items.  I want to do a food price comparison post for the stores around here — Giant Eagle, Shop n’ Save, Target, Trader Joe’s, maybe Aldi, Whole Foods.  I’m not sure what products they all carry that are similar enough that I can compare.  I know I want to include organic milk and eggs but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

Target also got me thinking about coupons.  Are you a couponer?  I am not but I’m starting to get into it a little .  I just recently started following a couple coupon blogs, Couponcravings.com and Totallytarget.com.  Shopping at Target has become slightly like shopping at Macy’s.  I feel like I can’t buy anything until I check if there’s a coupon.  Target has the Cartwheel app now, plus they have printable coupons on their website and mobile coupons in the Target app.  You can also sign up to get text coupons.  Then there are manufacturer’s coupons.

I ended up sitting in the Target parking lot browsing the Cartwheel app before going in the store just to make sure the things I was going to buy didn’t have “offers” that I might miss.  I might lose out on saving 5%!  I had also printed out some coupons from their website right before I left the house.

You can get some good deals with all the different ways to coupon but it takes time to sift through and then remember to use them.  I ended up using a $1 off coupon for prenatal vitamins and then they were buy 2, get a $5 gift card so that was a good deal.  I also saved 10% on two greeting cards with the cartwheel app.  I’m no couponing pro.

I can see how couponing can become addictive.  You can “stack” coupons (use more than one coupon for the same product) and even get things for free.  I just have to keep asking myself if I would buy the product even if there was no coupon.  Unless it’s completely free, I don’t want to start buying things just because they’re a really good deal.  I’ll end up spending more!

Since I have the time right now and I’m kind of enjoying finding the deals, I’m going to keep doing the couponing thing for a while and see how it goes.  If you want to get into couponing, I’d definitely recommend reading couponcravings.com.  She posts a million deal ideas, printable coupons, freebies (I did a survey for a free magazine subscription today), and coupon codes and tells you what coupons to stack to get the best deals.



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