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Bado’s Pizza Grill (Restaurants with a toddler)

A few weeks ago Aaron, Sam and I tried out Bado’s Pizza Grill on Beverly Road in Mt. Lebanon (not to be confused with Beto’s on Banksville Road).  It’s right in the main business district on Beverly Road.

Aaron ordered a chicken Parmesan sandwich and I ordered a grilled buffalo chicken salad.  We also ordered a large pizza for everyone to share.  It was A LOT of food but we just planned to take home whatever we didn’t eat.

We really liked the food!  Aaron loved his sandwich and the pizza and salad were both good too.  The prices weren’t bad for the three of us especially since we each got two meals from all the food.

We’ll definitely be back.  It’s kid-friendly, and really close to our house.  I wouldn’t say the pizza is amazing but the service was great.

On eating out with a toddler

We go out to eat with Sam about once a week and he’s usually okay in the restaurant as long as he’s hungry.  We also try to make sure we don’t go to eat right after he’s been napping or has been stuck in a car seat for a long time already.  We usually try to get a booth with a booster seat instead of a high chair because he doesn’t last very long in high chairs.

There was one time that we actually had to have the server pack up our food and leave before we even ate because Sam was so miserable.  Otherwise, we usually have some crayons and a couple small toys and that usually works.  As a last resort, we’ve let him watch a cartoon on one of our phones with the volume turned way down.

I think taking Sam to restaurants pretty regularly has helped to get him used to what’s going to happen.  We’re going to sit here for a while and eat and not run around.  I think he gets the routine of it now which is great.  We don’t go to fancy or especially quiet restaurants with him because he’s (almost) 2 and we can’t really expect him to sit silently for an hour and that’s okay.  I don’t want to be a parent that over-disciplines their kids because I have unrealistic expectations about how they should behave.  He’s just a kid!

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