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Gymsport Athletic Center (Bridgeville, PA)

Sam and I visited Gymsport with a friend and her daughter earlier this week.  It’s located at 98 Vanadium Road in a big warehouse.  It’s a gymnastic and cheerleading gym but they have Preschool Playtime Monday through Friday 9-12 AM which is open gym time for kids age 5 and under.

It’s $5 per hour or they sell a 5 visit pass for $20 (cash only).

They have trampolines, giant foam block pits, uneven bars, rings, balance beams, a small climbing wall, a zip line and other random gym equipment.

We got there at 9:30 AM and there were about 2 or 3 other parents and kids there.  It got busier around 10 so we’d probably stick to getting there early.  We stayed for one hour and Sam (and I) were totally worn out by then.

Here’s Sam sitting on the long trampoline.


And running down down the trampoline toward the foam block pit.  The only problem with this trampoline was that the other end just kind of ended with just a very thin mat on the floor.  Sam kept running from one end to the other and we kept having to make sure our kids didn’t just run right off.


They have this slide into a foam block pit and a small trampoline to the right of it that was a big hit.  There is also a small zip line but Sam didn’t quite get the concept of it yet.


There was a gymnastics class while we were there on the other side of the gym.



Here’s the little trampoline built into the floor that all the kids really liked.

DSC_5719I didn’t take any pictures of the one other area that is included in Preschool Playtime.  It’s where they have the balance beams and bars and a mini vault.

We had a good time at Gymsport and will definitely be back!  Especially in the Winter when we’re looking for indoor activities.  The customer service isn’t great (not unfriendly, just not especially friendly) but it’s also kind of nice to be left alone to just do your thing.

Gymport Athletic Center (412) 220-1195

98 Vanadium Road, Building C (you enter and park in the rear of the building)

Bridgeville, PA  15017

$5 per hour or 5 visit pass for $20 (cash only!)




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