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Weekly Meal Plan #1

I’ve been really trying to meal plan lately because it saves us money on groceries and it also results in me actually cooking rather than us eating cereal or sandwiches or eating out for dinner.

I hate throwing food away so usually if I buy the specific groceries for a recipe, I’ll make it.  I usually check my Pinterest recipe board, my bookmarks and I’ve also been reading Budget Bytes and picking three or four recipes to try.

All of the recipes below are new to me except for the lentil and vegetable soup which we really liked.  Homemade pizza is on the menu for us a lot because we all like pizza, it’s cheap and relatively easy and I usually have the ingredients on hand.  I make the dough in our bread machine and I’m planning to post that recipe.

MondaySalsa Chicken Casserole – Budget Bytes

Tuesday: Lentil and Vegetable Soup – Budget Bytes

Cornbread Muffins – Allrecipes.com

Wednesday: Kung Pao Chicken with rice- Budget Bytes

Thursday: Homemade Pizza & Salad (or tacos and salad)

Snacks:  Peanut Butter Choc. Chip Granola Bars – Glorious Treats

Garlic-Dill Refrigerator Pickles – The Kitchn

Note: Fridays and Saturdays we usually eat out (one of the two days) or eat whatever we can find in the house.  The leftovers from these meals are almost always consumed for lunch the next day.  Aaron usually comes home for lunch and Sam and I always have lunch at home.  Sundays we have dinner at church.

Breakfasts are usually eggs and toast for me.  Sam has whole wheat pancakes or french toast plus scrambled eggs and fruit or oatmeal and fruit.

I hope this gives you some recipe ideas!  I’d love for you to give me links to your favorite recipes or just recipes that you want to try!  I’m always looking for ideas.

A few random things:

Sam and I shared a snow cone yesterday at the farmer’s market.

I’m about half done cutting in the white color in Sam’s future bedroom.

I bought a bed skirt for $2 at a thrift store yesterday for our bedroom:

The battle continues in me and the tomato plant vs. deer.  They took a few bites out of the top of my plant so I added some more fence and used up all my kitchen twine.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan #1

    • I just came across budget bytes a couple of months ago. I’m behind on the good recipe blogs I think! Roasted vegetable burrito sounds good and also something my husband would like. Anything burrito style is good!

  1. I love budget bytes! I need to try more recipes from there. One of our new favorite recipes is this butternut squash and chickpea curry. I had never made any sort of curry before and we both really like it! http://greatist.com/health/butternut-squash-chickpea-kale-curry-healthy-recipe (I use yellow curry paste). I also add chicken because Keith would die if there wasn’t some kind of meat in his dinner.

    I buy a big bag of kale and then to use the rest I make another recipe from CookSmarts which pretty much entails cooking a diced onion in some olive oil, then adding a pound of loose sausage and once that is cooked adding some kale on top to wilt. In another pan, I crisp up some sweet potato/whole wheat gnocchi with a little olive oil. It is a super fast and delicous meal. I also throw a dippy egg on top because I love dippy eggs. Yum!

    • The curry sounds good! I’m not the biggest chickpea fan but I could probably use just some other kind of white beans. Do you like Cooksmarts? I read a couple blogs of people who use it and seem to like it. I also LOVE dippy eggs but I’m not supposed to eat them when pregnant. 2 more months then back to runny eggs. Yes!

      • oh yea you could definitely use some other bean! I do like cooksmarts. I don’t always use the meal plan they send me, but it’s super easy to go in and add/replace with past meals, they have quite a catalog on their site. (and all meals are reviewable so you can see what other people liked/changed) the best part is the shopping plan, haha. I hate making the grocery list. oh! I didn’t realize dippy eggs were off limits when you are pregnant! man pregnant ladies get the short end of the stick! the runny egg is definitely skip-able!

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