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Weekly Meal Plan #2

How did my first week of internet meal planning go?  Pretty well! I stuck with the plan and cooked more than I normally would have.

I made the pickles but haven’t tried them yet.  They were really easy though.

I made the salsa chicken casserole and corn bread muffins and the lentil and vegetable soup and they were all great.  I’ll definitely make the salsa chicken casserole again.  It was so easy and good.

I made the granola bars yesterday and they are great!  I doubled the recipe and made them in a 9×13 pan.  I added about 1/4 cup flax seed meal and used regular sized chocolate chips but followed the recipe otherwise.  They are really sweet.  They almost taste like dessert so I’d probably cut down on the honey a bit next time around.

I didn’t make the Kung Pao Chicken because I realized I don’t have oyster sauce and the internet tells me that’s an essential ingredient.

I’m planning to make pizza for dinner tonight but if I don’t get around to it, we’ll have leftovers.  Last night I made tortellini with roasted eggplant and Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs and we have a ton leftover.  I just chopped up and roasted two eggplants with olive oil, salt and pepper and then added it to the tortellini and meatballs.  Super easy.  Sam picked around the eggplant though and just said “more cheese” repeatedly.

Aaron is always a fan of pasta and meatballs.

Here is next week’s plan:

Monday: Oven Fajitas by Budget Bytes

Tuesday: Chicken curry with broccoli and rice (using Trader Joe’s bottled, yellow curry sauce)

WednesdaySpinach Tortellini Soup by Budget Bytes

Thursday: Church Home Group

Snacks: Paleo Snack Barby Jenn-Fit



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