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Toddler Gift Ideas

Sam turned 2 today!!  I didn’t plan a party this year…32 weeks pregnant excuses… so we’re going to take a trip to Idlewild at the end of the month to celebrate.  Since we’re not having a party this year, we’re going to get him a gift or two.  Here are some of the things I think he might like.

Magna-Tiles ($52 for 32 piece set)

Sam is really into stacking blocks right now and I think he would be really into these magnetic blocks for years.

Membership to the Children’s Museum ($115 for an annual family membership)

Because we’ll need indoor activities this Winter so we don’t go crazy!


Melissa & Doug Play Food (various prices)

Sam is really into fake eating right now and pushing around his shopping cart.

Kid Galaxy My 1st RC Firetruck ($19)

Sam is obsessed with all things Fire Truck.  We read his fire truck book every single day.

Land of Nod Teepee ($159)

Really out of our price range but would be awesome to put in his new big kid room.  I could see all of our kids playing in this for years.   Maybe we could DIY something like this.  It doesn’t look all that complicated..  Found a couple good DIY teepee tutorials here and here. (This might be a good Christmas gift goal)

Toddler Backpack ($55)

Sam likes carrying around bags now and I think he’d love to have his own bag to put toys in and carry around.  Every time we leave the house, he wants to bring along every toy in sight.  I love this J.Crew bag but probably wouldn’t get it unless I got a good deal.

 Toddler Toms ($32)

A gift for me really… I just like them.  Every once in a while I check ebay for a pair because I can’t justify spending $32 on them.




3 thoughts on “Toddler Gift Ideas

  1. The kids I used to babysit for had those tiles (probably 100+ of them) and they were SO MUCH FUN. The kids were also 4 and 6 so not sure how well they hold up, but they still enjoyed them at that age and so did I (haha) so they could be a worthwhile investment!

    • Yeah I think Sam might be a little too young but I’m sure he’ll like them in a year or two. In the meantime, I can play with them. My in-laws got Sam Lincoln Logs (which are awesome) but Sam is still too young. Aaron has built a log cabin a few times though.

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