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Los Chiludos Restaurant Review

Saturday night, Aaron, Sam and I had dinner at Los Chiludos in the Southpointe office complex in Canonsburg.  We were driving south on Washington Road for some reason and I remembered reading lots of positive Yelp reviews about this restaurant so we decided to head out there.  It’s about a 20 minute drive from Mt. Lebanon.

It’s in a tiny strip of stores and GPS told us we had arrived about 1/4 mile before we did.

It’s a small, casual restaurant that has a bar, some booths and tables and an open kitchen.  All of the food seemed fresh and we thought the prices were very reasonable.  It’s pretty loud but that didn’t bother us because we didn’t have to worry about Sam disrupting anyone.  

We ordered chips and salsa to start ($4.45).  We got the medium salsa and liked it.  It was really dark colored so I’m not exactly sure what it was in it, but it was good!  It was pretty mild.  Sam even liked it.  The chips were warm and homemade.

Aaron ordered a beef Chimichanga ($9) and it came with rice and beans.  He really liked it and said it was the perfect amount of food for him.

They don’t have a kid’s menu printed on their menus but our server gave us the 5 kid options.  We got Sam a kid’s beef and cheese burrito ($5) with rice.  Sam actually ate some of the burrito, some rice and some of my beans.  We were kind of amazed,  especially after he had been eating chips and salsa.  We took his leftovers home and he had a second meal from it.

I ordered chicken enchiladas with salsa verde ($8).  They give you the option of red or green salsa or both.  My enchiladas were great too! The chicken was really flavorful and the salsa verde was great.  Even the rice had a very good flavor.

Our service was great too!  The waitress kept our waters full and she was very friendly and helpful.  They close at 8 pm so I’m thinking they definitely do most of their business at lunch time from all of the office buildings surrounding them.  Most of the tables were full while we were there though so it’s not just a lunch place.  We’ll definitely be back!

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