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Sam at Age 2

Sam turned two on Tuesday! 

Some Stats

Weight:  Over 30 pounds.  Will find out the exact number at his 2 year pediatrician appointment.

Favorite Foods: yogurt, Trader Joe’s cereal bars, bread, cheese, corn on the cob, cheese and turkey quesadillas, pb&j, cake and cookies.  Eats three meals a day, a morning snack and sometimes a small afternoon snack.

Sleep: Goes to sleep anywhere from 8-9 PM.  Usually about 8:30.  Sleeps until about 7:15 AM

Nap: Naps around 1 pm for about 2 hours

Talking: Says lots of full sentences now and his vocabulary is huge! Loves to say what color everything is…”yellow car, purple monkey”

Favorite book: Firetruck book that has a steering wheel and sound buttons

Potty: Poops on the potty!  We didn’t potty train officially but he just started not wanting to poop in his diaper.   He still wears a diaper all the time though.  I’m thinking of starting official potty training soon.

Diapers: Wears size 5 Target brand during the day plus one-size cloth diapers at home.  Huggies Overnites at night.

Clothes: Wears 2T or 3T shirts and pants and 3T or 4T pajamas.  Size 8 or 8.5 shoes

Loves: Aden and Anais blankets, balloons, coins, reading books, Trader Joe’s cereal bars, swimming, being outside, coloring, wearing hats, other kids (especially older kids), lawn mowers, garbage cans and fire trucks

Hates: getting off the potty, coming inside, not being allowed to run in the street, holding hands when crossing streets, eating when there is anything more interesting to do (which is everything else), staying home, being inside, button down shirts(no idea why)

Favorite Toy: toy lawn mowers

 I kept track of our day this past Tuesday and I’m working on a “Day in the Life” post to remember what age two was like for us and I love reading those types of posts!  

The blog has been heavy on the Sam posts lately.  We haven’t really done any projects on the house the last couple of weeks but we’ll hopefully be working on Sam’s big kid room next weekend.  This weeks meal plan was a big fail.  I didn’t actually make anything on it!  I did cook a couple of meals but not the planned ones.  I’ll try again next week!  

This weekend, we’re off to a wedding!



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