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Trip to Round Hill Park

Last week, I met a friend and her daughter at Round Hill Park in Elizabeth, PA.  It was supposed to take about 35 minutes to get there but ended up taking over an hour because of traffic and road work.  Maybe don’t leave during rush hour like we did.

It’s southeast of the city and according to Google Maps, would take about 40 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.

We parked right when you drive in by the ducks.  The park could use a little more signage.  We really didn’t know if we should drive to get to other parts of the park or push strollers or where exactly things were located.

We checked out the ducks and geese first.  They were not afraid of people at all.  We didn’t feed them and they still were following us around.

Sam was a little scared of them.

Then we pushed our strollers over to the farm animal exhibits.  Again, there weren’t really many signs and only one other woman with her child so we just kind of wandered around looking for animals.  I think the horses and cows were out in the pastures (it’s a working farm), but we checked out the pigs which the kids thought were hilarious.

We also saw chickens and some cats wandering but that was pretty much it on the animal front.

Then we walked back past our car to try to find the playground and splash pad.  We came across an old playground which the kids played on for a bit and then around 10, we noticed the spray park was turned on so we walked over.

The kids went in the water even though it was only about 70 degrees or so outside and loved it.

It’s a nice little spray park.  It’s clean and flat with grass all around.

There are pigs shooting water which Sam liked and benches all around the park that were out of the reach of the water.  There isn’t really any shade so take that into consideration if you go on a hot day.  There are a couple of porta potties right next to the spray park and regular flushing toilet restrooms over by the animals.

The kids played in the water for just a short while before they got too cold.  Then we walked to a shelter to have our packed lunches.

There was a newer, bigger playground that we spotted as we were leaving the splash pad but we didn’t checked it out because we were running low on pre-nap time.

The drive home only took about 30 minutes.

I had heard a lot of good things about Round Hill Park and the splash pad was definitely nice and the playground also looked fun.  It’s peaceful and not crowded at all.  We might have been there at a bad time to see the animals but I would definitely go for the splash pad, playground and overall atmosphere.

It’s free and clean and a nice little trip out of the city!

Round Hill Park

651 Round Hill Road

Elizabeth, PA  15037

Spray Park, Playgrounds, Shelters, Exhibit Farm, Duck Pond


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