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Painting our dining room table & Upper St. Clair Library & Park

It’s Monday! Last week, during one of Sam’s naps, I decided to paint our dining room table.  It was a rash decision.  I googled “how to paint laminate furniture,” found some primer downstairs and just started.  As soon as I started, I was questioning it.  I guess I thought this would be a really quick project.  Not so!  I’m only 2 coats into the planned 6.

The plan is 2 coats of primer –>2 coats of paint –>2 coats of polycrylic in hopes that the paint won’t just scratch off.  I might “distress” it before applying the top coat that way when it gets actually “distressed” from Sam ramming cars into it, it won’t be a big deal.

The table legs have annoying detail that took a while to prime.  I put one coat of primer on last week and then another coat on yesterday.

Here is the table before I did anything.

And here it is with one coat of primer.

So still no actual paint on the table yet.  It’s a cheapo dining room set that Aaron and I bought from Craigslist when we were engaged because we didn’t have a dining room table and also had no money.  Neither of us were ever really big fans of it so I figured it couldn’t get much worse with painting.

I’m planning on leaving the chairs brown and just recovering the cushions.

A Trip to the Library

This past Friday, Sam and I met some friends at the Upper St. Clair library.  The Mt. Lebanon library is within walking distance of our house so we usually go there but the USC library has more toys and a nice playground right next door.

The USC library has a Lego table, a train table, some other table with toy dinosaurs, a bunch of plastic bins of different toys and games and these cool magnetic letter boards that Sam liked playing with.

The fact that you can play at the playground and then walk over to the library without getting in your car is really the best part of this library.  The playground is a good one too!  The ground is all turf so non-walkers can crawl around safely.  They have a bigger kid play area and a toddler play area.  Of course Sam likes to venture onto the big kid one and it’s REALLY tall.  This results in 35 week pregnant me climbing in after him.  They also have a couple of tennis courts and basketball courts and small, very shallow creek.


The picture above is the bigger kid portion of the park plus the stone structure is for climbing.  Tomorrow we’re planning to check out Wiltshire Park (also in USC).  They have a big sand box AND a dolphin that sprays water.  Good times!



2 thoughts on “Painting our dining room table & Upper St. Clair Library & Park

  1. I have many fond memories of Wiltshire – not because I played there as a kid but because in high school, on sunny Saturdays & Sundays, my best friend and I would go there to ‘study.’ I remember reading lots of books for English class while sitting near the seal or on that spinny thing (don’t know if it’s still there)!

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