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The Library Restaurant Review

This past Friday Aaron, Sam and I had dinner at The Library in the South Side (2302 E. Carson St.)  We usually go out to dinner on Friday nights but we’ve been trying to stick to a budget a bit better… so we’ve been going to places like Panera and Chipotle.  I suggested The Library to Aaron when he got home because there was an Amazon Local deal for it — $12 for $25 worth of food.  So we decided to go for it.

The South Side on a Friday night with a two year old.  Sure.

So we drove over and they seated us right away.  It was happy hour so draft beers were half off.  Aaron got a Pumking ($4) which they served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.  He liked the beer a lot and said it made it more fun to drink with the rim.

The Library is a bar/restaurant and we were definitely the only people with a child in there even though it was pretty early. We didn’t feel uncomfortable having Sam there though and it was loud enough that he couldn’t really cause any disruption.

Our server was nice and accommodating and kept our water glasses full.  She got Sam a high chair right away and found a plastic cup for his drink which was helpful.

Aaron ordered the Gun Slinger Burger ($12) with sweet potato fries.  A burger topped with pulled pork and an onion ring.  He said multiple times that he thinks it was the best burger he’s ever had.

I ordered The Last Olympian wrap with chicken ($11) and sweet potato fries for the side.  It was also great!  I loved the sweet potato fries.

They didn’t have kid’s meals printed on the menu but the server gave us a few options for Sam.  We ended up ordering him a mini burger and fries ($5).  He normally likes hamburgers but he wasn’t into it that night.  So he just had french fries for dinner.

Overall, we were really happy with our meals and service!  We did have to wait quite a while for our food after ordering which can be tough with a toddler.  We ended up letting Sam watch Curious George on my phone while we waited and he did really well.  It wasn’t a horribly long time, just a little long with a little kid.  If it was just Aaron and I, it would have probably been nice to have time to linger and have a drink before eating our meals.

After the Amazon Local deal, we ended up spending about the same amount (including tip) that we would have at Chipotle or Panera for a significantly better meal.  Aaron had been to The Library a few times in the past (years ago) and remembered it being more expensive.  He said he thinks the food and cost might have changed.  We both felt that even if we didn’t have the Amazon Local deal, the food would have been worth the prices.

So, The Library.  Take a toddler to the South Side on a Friday night.  Yes.

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