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Weekly Meal Plan #6

Yesterday morning, Sam and I decided to go to South Park and play for a bit.  The weather was cool but nice.  We did some walking, lots of sliding, and some swinging.  I’m starting to really like that park.  It has a really low key vibe to it for some reason.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up groceries for the week plus ingredients for 3 freezer meals.  After a bit of a grocery store meltdown (we were both tired and hungry), we made it home, had a quick lunch and then we both took a nap until 4 PM!

We hung out on the couch together after we woke up then got to cooking dinner.

Here’s the tentative meal plan for the week.

weekly meal plan sticker

Monday: Healthy Stuffed Pepper Soup (from Six2Eleven) <<We just had this for dinner and it was really good!  I followed the recipe exactly except used yellow, red, and orange peppers instead of green.  I was a bit skeptical because there are very few spices in this recipe (just chili powder, salt and pepper) but it was great.  I made a double batch and it made a TON.  I didn’t add the rice to half so that I could freeze it and just add cooked rice and simmer when we thaw it.

Tuesday: Chicken Salads with Roasted Sweet Potatoes <<I just make a salad with spring mix, cucumbers, peppers, feta, hard-boiled eggs and onions.  I marinate the chicken in a bit of salad dressing and then cook it in a pan on the stove.

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Quinoa Turkey Sweet Potato Chili (from Iowa Girl Eats)

Thursday: Leftovers or maybe homemade pizza

Friday: Out or whatever we can find (or maybe I’ll be having a baby by then in which case, hospital food!)

After some initial rejection and requesting of cheese, Sam ate the stuffed pepper soup too and seemed to like it!

The GIANT batch of soup:

How did last week’s meal plan go?  I made the zucchini lasagna.  I thought it was pretty good but not great.  To be fair, I didn’t grill the zucchini.  I just roasted it for a bit before putting it into the lasagna.  It does make a huge amount though but sadly, we ended up throwing away a bit in the end.

I didn’t make the slow cooker cashew chicken or the caramel apple energy bites.  I bought the ingredients for the energy bites and then Sam and I were snacking on some of the dried apples and then a bug found it’s way into the bag!  So I threw them away.  Fail.

I made some pulled chicken in the slow cooker last week and we ended up eating taco salads with that a couple of times.  The goal is to cook three dinners this week. 1 down, 2 to go!


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