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39 Weeks Pregnant Update

A Pregnancy Update because today is actually the first of my 3 different due dates.  I’m “officially” using October 1st as my due date but the two ultrasounds I had gave me a due date of September 26th.

39 Weeks 2 Days

  • Signs of labor: I have contractions every day but nothing intense or painful so I guess, none.  boo
  • Wearing: workout pants, stretchy tanks tops, stretchy maxi dresses, stretchy skirts, stretchy anything.
  • Prep for baby: I bought a couple of boxes of newborn diapers and a giant box of size 1 diaper.  I’ve been trying to have the house clean every night just in case I go into labor.  It would be nice to come home from the hospital to a clean house.
  • I ordered a Miracle Blanket the other day in an attempt to allay my fears of no sleep.  I was literally looking at them on Amazon when I got the Baby Steals email for them so I went for it.  I keep thinking of things that we NEED but really, we don’t.
  • I decided I need to make homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts and ordered 12 tiny glass bottles yesterday..
  • I still haven’t packed a hospital bag.
  • We bought hospital snacks last week and I already ate a bag of the Raisinets.
  • I’ve done a little bit of freezer cooking.  We have maybe 6 meals in the freezer and 3 dozen rolls.  I want to make a couple more meals and some pizza dough to freeze. (the vanilla extract might take precedence though..)
  • Preparing Sam: We’ve read Sam a big brother book a few times and talk about the new baby but that’s about it.  I haven’t prepared any special “while nursing” baskets or bought him a gift from the baby or any of that stuff.  We’ll just see what happens.
  • I’m trying to rest as much as possible but it’s a constant battle between wanting to rest and feeling like there are a million things I should be doing.
  • Sam’s new room is not yet done, but almost.  I think we’ll be able to finish it this weekend!  Sam won’t move into it yet but it’ll be nice to have it done.
  • We have the pack n’ play set up right next to my side of the bed.  The baby will sleep there but we’ll see how it goes.  He’ll be literally inches from my pillow and that might keep me up at night.  Sam slept in the pack n’ play at the foot of our bed for about the first 6 weeks then moved into the nursery in the crib.  He started to sleep better once we moved him out of our room.  Sam was never able to sleep in our bed with us.  He just wouldn’t.  He hated it and still does.  Not that we were hoping to co-sleep, but at some points, it probably would have been easier.
  • We haven’t installed the infant car seat yet but Aaron cleaned out my car this weekend and switched Sam’s car seat to the other side of the car after I spent too much time analyzing which side would be easier for which child.

    I had a midwife appointment this morning.  I declined being “checked” because the midwife said it doesn’t really mean anything.  Two weeks ago I was dilated 1 cm and 30% effaced. Sam is now obsessed with using random things around the house to listen to the baby’s heartbeat via my belly button.

The Weekend

We don’t have a lot of plans for the weekend.  We’ll probably get dinner somewhere tonight and then Aaron will work on Sam’s new room Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll get the vanilla extract started and finish up my freezer cooking.  And pack a hospital bag.  And go into labor.  In the morning.  And have the baby some time in the early afternoon. Ha, that’d be nice. I really don’t want to be in labor all night again like I was with Sam.  We will see!


2 thoughts on “39 Weeks Pregnant Update

  1. Since you’ve got a few meals in the freezer for when you get home, I think you’re doing awesome! I’m never a huge fan of cooking right after a baby. Hope the baby comes soon!!

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