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Life Lately

It’s been a month since my last post!  I keep thinking about writing and then I think about how tired I am and that I really just want to lay on the couch not thinking when I have a minute and then that’s what I do.

We had a rough couple of weeks where Tucker had an ear infection and then the antibiotics (or something) made him MISERABLE for about a week and I had a pity party.

But here we are.  2 months into life with Tucker.  Things are slightly less crazy than the first month so that’s good.  Tucker is not a good night time sleeper.  Initially he was okay but now not so much.  We think he sort of has his days and nights confused because he’s been wanting to take really long naps during the day.  I actually woke him up from two naps today because I was scared of what they might do to our sleep tonight.  I WOKE HIM UP FROM A NAP.  I can’t believe that.  I never, ever did that with Sam unless it was absolutely necessary like if we had to catch a plane or something.

We haven’t been getting much sleep but we’re surviving. The fact that I can usually get both Sam and Tucker to nap at the same time during the day is amazing.

This is a good representation of my appearance on a daily basis.  Yoga pants, nursing tank, dark circles under my eyes.  But Tucker is happily gnawing away on the Moby and I changed out of pajamas and into yoga pants so, win.

We haven’t been doing a whole lot outside of the house.  Tucker still hates the car and most of the time it’s too stressful to attempt to go somewhere.  I have to psyche myself up to go somewhere with the two of them.  We have plans Monday though!

Sam is doing mother’s day out every Wednesday morning and we hired a babysitter to come over and help me out on Tuesday mornings for a while.  It’s great.  She brings her two year old over and he and Sam play and she takes care of them both while I take Tucker upstairs and try to get him to sleep.

Sam is staying over at Aaron’s parents house tomorrow night.  This will be his first night away and also not sleeping in a crib.

We are going through a million diapers.  Sam is still in diapers though he’s kind of halfway potty trained and Tucker uses about 15 diapers a day.  I usually order diapers online but we somehow ran out of diapers for Sam today so I had to run to Target after Aaron got home from work.  (We’re using the Target brand diapers for both kids and I love them).

I really like doing crafty things and I thought that when I had kids this would come in handy because kids like doing crafts, right?  Um, I HAVE THE ONLY KID THAT DOESN’T.  He just isn’t into artsy things.  Maybe that will change but right now my Pinterest felt Christmas tree is neglected.

I tried to get him to color little ornaments for the tree today.  He was much more interested in opening and closing the glue stick.

I went shopping on Black Friday at about 11 AM.  I missed the mad morning rush I guess because the mall was pretty tame.  I went to Michael’s first and got my felt Christmas tree supplies then went to the mall.  I only went to a couple of stores and didn’t actually buy any Christmas gifts.  I did buy Aaron a pair of jeans at the Gap and he likes them!  They were 50% off so only $30 which isn’t bad for jeans.  He liked them so much that we ended up ordering two more pairs.  The jean saga comes to a close.  

After Gap, I went to Target and bought things like diapers and paper towels.  The paper towel department is empty on Black Friday.  Otherwise, I’ve been ordering some gifts online.  We’ve bought Sam a few things but we don’t really have any plans to buy him a big gift.  Last year we bought him three little things I think and it was perfect.  Not sure what Tucker is going to get.  I really just want to buy them matching Christmas pajamas but I can’t find them anywhere in both their sizes.

This blog post is all over the place but I have been wanting to write but feeling like I don’t have anything worth writing about.  This is my attempt to just write to write because I want to write.  Internal monologue, externally.




2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Hi – random blog lurker here – just wanted to say that Gap has matching pajamas from infant through toddler. That’s where I got my boys’ last year after an exhaustive search. This year I splurged (even on sale) and got them at Hanna Andersson, another option.
    Oh and you’re amazing for carving out time to do something for yourself (write/blog) while in these early weeks of survival. I hope you continue to take care of you.

    • I never replied to this! Im sorry! I also love hanna andersson but will only buy them on super sale. I ended up buying leveret brand from amazon and love them! They were onlu $12 each

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