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Tucker Update: 4 Months Old

Hello! Yesterday I opened the laptop to blog and Sam immediately woke up so that never happened.  Tucker is sleeping right now though and I like writing here so, here we go.


Tucker is almost 4 months old!  He’s rolling from belly to back and holds his head up well.  He’s starting to be able to sit up on his own for a few seconds before tipping over.  

Tucker at 4 months:

Sleep: He’s not the best sleeper but not the worst either.  We usually can’t get him to go down for the night until about 10:30pm which isn’t ideal but we’ve tried earlier and he just wakes up.  So he goes to sleep, swaddled, around 10:30 and will usually sleep until about 1 or 2.  Then I’ll feed him and he’ll go back to sleep until 5 or 6.  I’ll feed him again and sometimes he’ll go right back to sleep but a lot of times Aaron takes him into the extra bedroom and sleeps in there next to the pack n’ play, giving Tucker the pacifier repeatedly until he falls back asleep.

He usually wakes up for the day around 8.  His first nap is around 10 and usually lasts for 2 hours if we’re home.  His second nap is usually about 2-230 and will also usually last about 2 hours.  (He’s a great napper!  Probably because he doesn’t go to bed until 1030 at night…)  Sometimes he’ll take a short 30 minute or so evening nap at 630 or 7.  We’ve tried to skip it and put him to bed earlier but we still can’t get him to sleep earlier than 1030.

Nursing: He nurses a million times a day.  I have no idea how often.  A lot.  It’s okay though.  He’s quick and gaining lots of weight.

Bottles: He doesn’t mind taking a pumped bottle.  He eats more quantity from a bottle.  Aaron probably feeds him a bottle of pumped milk 3 or 4 times a week.  We are using the same Tommee Tippee bottles that we used with Sam.

Car rides: Occasionally he’ll fall asleep in the car.  Usually though, our car rides are so short that he doesn’t have a chance to fall asleep.  He still has car scream fests fairly often.  I’m hoping that gets better soon.

tucker shades

Babywearing: I finally figured out the ring sling!  I still don’t love it but I use it occasionally.  It’s easier now that he has neck control.  Last week I put him in the Ergo for the first time.  He’s a pretty big baby so I figured I’d try.  It worked.  And I remembered how much more comfortable the Ergo is than the ring sling.

tucker ringsling tucker ergo

Getting OUT: We’re getting a little better at this.  It being Winter doesn’t help because it’s a big production to get us all bundled and get the car warmed up and not covered with snow.  But I would say we make it out 2 or 3 times a week.  Plus if it’s remotely not freezing outside, we’ll take a walk.

Height/Weight: Not sure.  He’ll be going for his 4 month appointment in a week or two.

Clothes: Wearing 6 or 9 month onesies and pants.  I basically put him in a long sleeve onesie, pants and socks every single day.  That way he can just sleep in that onesie and a swaddle blanket.  This has made me realize that he wears the same 5 onesies over and over again and nothing else.  So I’m going to go through his clothes and get rid of a bunch.  We have approximately 25 sleepers then he never, ever wears.  How did this happen?

Diapers: Size 2 but probably almost size 3 and we’ve also started using cloth diapers occasionally.  Charlie Banana Pocket diapers that we also used with Sam.

Teeth: No teeth yet.  I can’t remember when Sam got his first tooth.  Tucker drools a ton though so maybe he’s teething?

Toys: He just started playing with toys!  We succumbed to the Sophie the Giraffe obsession and got him one for Christmas.  He’s just started to realize something is in his hand if he’s holding something.

Sam: Sam is officially used to having Tucker around now!  He asks where Tucker is when he’s sleeping, gives him kisses and hugs and is generally pretty nice to him.

sam1 tucker2

That’s all I’ve got in terms of Tucker updates.


Otherwise, we’ve been working on the house a lot.  We’ve also been checking out a few potential investment properties and we’re hoping to find one to buy soon.  We put in an offer on one last week but the house had two other offers and so we didn’t get it.

More blogs soon. Maybe.  🙂


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