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Day in the Life. 4 months & 2.5 years

I’m not sure why but I love to read these types of posts.  So here is our Wednesday.  It was a pretty typical one for us.

2:30 AM: Hear Tucker on the monitor.  Go in and feed him.  Put him back to sleep.  I go back to sleep by 2:45 AM

7 AM: Tucker slept that whole time!  Go in and feed him.  Put him on the bed between Aaron and I and we lay there until about 7:30.

7:50 AM: Wake Sam up and get him dressed. Change Tucker. Aaron gets ready for work.

8:10 AM: Aaron leaves for work.  I make Sam waffles and kiwi for breakfast and he watches Curious George while I get Tucker and I ready.

8:30-8:45 AM: keep trying to get Sam to eat some of his breakfast.  Gave him a piece of toast.  He threw it on the floor. Oh well.  Guess he’s not hungry.  Run out and start the car and throw our bags in.

8:50 AM: Get our coats on and out the door to take Sam to mother’s day out.

9 AM: Drop Sam off and head home with Tucker crying. He falls asleep on the 5 minute drive home… I bring him inside, swaddle him and put him back to sleep upstairs.

9:15 AM: Shake my head at the huge mess our house is and have coffee and play around with social media.

9:30 AM: Eat Sam’s leftover breakfast, realize I left wet clothes in the washer from a couple of days ago so I start it again, load dishwasher, scrub sweet potato off the floor, clean up the toys, make beds.

10:30 AM: Check flights online for our trip to Florida next month.  Call mom.  Play around on the internet.

11 AM: Brush my hair, put contacts in.

11:10 AM: Type out this post up to here.

11:20 AM: Wake Tucker up so I have time to feed and change him before we have to leave to pick up Sam at 11:45. Have a selfie photo shoot with Tucker because we have a few minutes before we have to leave to get Sam.

me and tucker grid tucker grid

12 PM: Pick up Sam and drive home.  Frantically eat a banana with peanut butter because I am starving.  Tucker accidentally gets a taste.  Woops.  Baby’s first taste of solids.  He liked it.  He was so mad that I wouldn’t give him more.

12:10 PM: sit on the couch while Sam tells me about what he did this morning and eats some Skittles from one of his Valentines.

12:20 PM: Aaron gets home for lunch.  He makes scrambled eggs with chicken sausage and makes extra for Sam.  Sam spits out chicken sausage on the floor.  He eats a banana eventually.  We all sit at the table and talk and eat then I feed Tucker and change him.

12:50 PM: Aaron heads back to work.  The rest of us go upstairs.  Tucker lies on the bed while Sam uses the potty forever while I tell him a really terrible made up story.  Then he tells me a story then we read a Dora book twice. I change him into pajamas and he goes into the crib for a nap by 1:30 PM.

1:30 PM: Bounce Tucker to sleep for his second nap of the day.

1:35 PM: I eat a baked sweet potato and kiwi that Sam didn’t eat at lunch.

1:40 PM: Update this post with the last couple of hours and relax.

2:05 PM: Tucker wakes up…. try to get him to go back to sleep and fail.

2:30 PM: Call my mom to discuss flights again.  Tucker is grumpy and rubbing his eyes so I try to get him back to sleep.  Didn’t work!

3 PM: Hang out on the bed with Tucker and update this post. Think about cooking something for dinner…

3:15 PM: Tucker is still grumpy so I put him in the Moby and we cook dinner together.  I made split pea soup with bacon.  It turned out to be a good recipe.

3:45 PM: Sam wakes up.  We all come downstairs, finish cooking the soup and try to clean up a bit.  We wander the house until Aaron gets home at 5:30.

5:30 PM: Aaron gets home.  I hand off Tucker and eat a bowl of soup.  Then I change and pump while Aaron puts Tucker down for a nap.

6 PM: I leave the kids with Aaron and head to the gym.  Stopped to get gas on the way and was about 5 minutes late for my 6:30 class.

7:30 PM: Super Circuit is over.  I head home and stop at the library drop box to return some books.  There is one book past due and of course I couldn’t find it today.

8 PM: Get home, feed Tucker.  Aaron already gave Tucker a bath so we get Sam ready for bed and he’s in the crib by about 8:45 after much procrastinating.  Tucker fights sleep too but he’s finally out by about 9:30.

9:45 PM: Sam is asking for socks.  “Hey Mom Hey Dad, I want some socks.” We put socks on him and I think he’s finally going to bed.

9:50 PM: Sit on the couch and book flights to Florida for early March then update this post.

10:05 PM: Head upstairs to bed!


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