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Typical Tuesday

I set my alarm for 7:40 today so that I could get up before the boys and have coffee.  The boys sleep late, which is awesome.  Sam used to get up at 5 AM so it wasn’t always this way.

Anyway, I got up and made the coffee but then everyone got up and since it was a preschool day, we began the rush to eat breakfast, get dressed and defrost the car by 845.  We were only five minutes late.  I took my coffee in the car with us.

It’s FREEZING outside today.  After we picked up Sam at noon, we played outside in the half inch of snow for about 10 minutes before everyone was too cold.  Well not Sam.  But Tucker doesn’t like the cold at all.  Poor whimpering boy.


I’m making grilled chicken salads with sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.  Sam just helped me cut the sweet potatoes.  By helped, I mean he pointed out the bits of skin that I left on them and told me that’s the bad part.

My serger came threaded but somehow (looking at you, SAM) one of the needles is no longer threaded!  Sigh.  I need to work up the courage to figure it out.  I’ll hopefully be taking a few serger classes in the next month or so too.

I think I hear Tucker making noises in the crib.  ❤



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