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Almost the Weekend

It’s Friday!  I have an ear infection… how strange. This morning Sam had preschool and I put Tucker in Parent’s Morning Out.  I went to the doctor’s at 10 and she prescribed me some antibiotics in ear drop form.

Picked up the boys at noon and Tucker had a serious meltdown on the way home.  I think he was hungry, or hangry.  He didn’t eat much breakfast then wouldn’t eat the snack at PMO.  Poor kid.  He’s napping now.

Morning selfie in pajamas:


And this. lol


Saturday, Aaron is going to work on the Troy Hill house but nothing else is on the agenda for this weekend.  I’m hoping to sew some.  I got the serger rethreaded! And now I’m trying to figure out the embroidering.  Creating my own embroidery design is harder than I thought it would be.  I was thinking…. converting from .jpg to .pes will be just like …save as .pes.  Not the case.  Definitely not the case.

Time to get myself up and clean up the house a bit.  There are crumbs on the couch and Sam just told me to “act fast so we don’t get bugs.” 3 year olds….

Then we’re going to meet Aaron at his office in the South Side for a family date tonight ❤

Have a great weekend!


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