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Sam had preschool this morning so we did the drop off at school then Tucker and I stopped at the bank then came home and had some breakfast.   We cleaned up a bit and Tucker forced me to read Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night about 14 times, then we headed out to Trader Joe’s.  Got some groceries, ran into another preschool mom at the grocery store about 5 times in the tiny store (not a bad thing, just awkwardly running into people repeatedly, you know?) then went to pick up Sam at preschool at noon.  We played outside of the preschool for about 20 minutes then drove to Aaron’s office to drop off some groceries for him for lunches.

We got home around 1 and then Tucker went down for his nap at 1:30.  Sam and I made some lunch (leftover burgers and sweet potatoes from dinner last night).  Sam asked for a burger with ketchup and mustard so I heated one for him.  He put tons of ketchup and mustard on his plate then took one bite and said he was done.  ONE BITE.  And we don’t have a microwave so heating things isn’t extremely easy.  Ah well.

Now he’s watching a little Curious George while I write this then we’ll probably go outside for a little bit while Tucker finishes his nap.

So that’s our day.

A few random other things…

I made a bunch of top knot head bands for a local mom’s little girl.imag8797_24597162842_o

My serger is still with the sewing machine mechanic but I’m hoping to get it back Thursday.  I found a new pattern for a shirt that I want to make for myself.

Tucker’s little shoe lace broke today.  I am disappointed because they’re only a couple months old.  I wrote an email to Saucony.  Sad, tiny shoe.imag8831_24151600973_o

Yesterday, Sam had his first swim lesson.  He loved it.  That kid loves to swim.  And they have them wear swim caps. Toddlers in swim caps.


We also went to look at a house in the evening when Aaron got home.  We liked it.  However, it is, of course, a fixer upper.  So we’re debating.  It wouldn’t be a permanent move because I don’t think we understand the whole “forever house” concept.  I’ll write more on the subject soon because we need to make a decision!

It’s oddly like Spring here in Pittsburgh so we’re heading outside.


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