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The Weekend

It’s Monday! Sam had swim class this morning.


Poor Tucker seems to be sick again so he’s napping early today.

I had my birthday, hotel stay this weekend.  It was very relaxing!  I somehow got sucked into watching three romantic comedies in a row Saturday night.  I don’t even particularly like romantic comedies but I couldn’t stop watching.

Here’s the weekend in some photos:

I did a lot of this:


Ate this breakfast two days in a row.  Didn’t really read the newspaper.  Brought all the tiny jelly bottles home for the boys.imag9541_25405405842_o

Saturday morning I had a massage.  My first one.  It’s kind of a weird thing.

Then I wandered around downtown and reminisced about having a job.  I used to walk through this parking garage a lot.


Picked up Thai food for dinner and bought snacks at Rite Aid Saturday.imag9553_25531720435_o

Pad Thaiimag9556_24905121973_o

Sunday I went to the gym and mostly just watched the Travel Channel and took mirror selfies.  Then I went in the Eucalyptus steam room and melted.  I only lasted about 5 minutes in there.


Then the boys came to pick me up and brought me a birthday card! Then we had cupcakes before dinner because we wanted to end the weekend on a wild note.imag9573_25535599356_o

And now it’s Monday! Tucker is napping right now and it’s nice and sunny outside today so Sam and I will probably go out in a few minutes.





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