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Back to Pittsburgh


We’re back from Florida!  Did I even mention that we were going? The boys and I went to Florida without Aaron for 5 days to visit my parents.  I got sunburnt.  Oops.  I don’t typically get sunburnt so this was surprising.  Of course the boys were completely covered in spf 50 so they’re good.


We had a fun time!  And we missed the last bit of awful weather in Pittsburgh.  Sam and I just cut the grass this afternoon while Tucker napped and now he’s watching Inside Out for the millionth time this week.

We’re going to have BLTs for dinner tonight and soup.  We took a family trip to Trader Joe’s last night to get groceries since we had pretty much nothing.  I have no idea what Aaron ate while we were gone.  We spent $243!  That’s a lot for us!  Aaron got some groceries of his own for lunches at work plus I planned 5 dinners to make.

We’re going to have:

Tuesday: BLTs on sourdough with roasted red pepper and tomato soup

Wednesday: Grilled chicken salads with hard boiled eggs & roasted sweet potatoes

Thursday: Chicken fajita pasta skillet

Friday: out

Saturday: hamburgers on homemade rolls & roasted broccoli



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