Thankful Day 5

Monday night. All of the kids are in bed right now but I hear Sam saying “shhh.”  Sam and Tucker share a room.

So today… Sam had preschool and “lunch and fun” which means he goes for an extra hour and a half and has lunch there.  I had a dentist appointment because I had a root canal a couple of weeks ago and part of my tooth broke over the weekend 😥 I was waiting for my permanent crown.  So they pushed up my appointment and I’m sporting a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready.  This tooth has become seriously expensive.

Aaron worked from home the rest of the afternoon since he had to come home while I was at the dentist.  The boys and I went outside for a short bike ride.  It was pretty cold.  Sidney is finally big enough to fit in the Tula!


My friend Katie sells Beauty Counter products and gave me some samples to try out over the weekend.  I’ve only ever bought something other than drug store makeup once and that was because I had a gift card.  The Beauty Counter products are super natural and free of 1,500 harmful chemicals which is awesome.  I tried out the shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, facial oil, bronzer and mascara.  I felt so fancy.  I would say I liked the facial oil and the bronzer the best.  I don’t normally use facial oil or bronzer.  I like the idea of switching my makeup over to more natural products but I can’t bring myself to spend the money! If you’re typically a department store makeup person though, the prices are comparable.  (Just fyi, i’m not being compensated or anything for writing about this.  My blog doesn’t get nearly enough views for that hahaha. I just like reading about products other people use so I thought this might be of interest too. That is a link to her specific Beauty Counter page up there though because she is lovely 🙂 )IMG_9125IMG_9127

Now Aaron and I are sitting on the couch and football is on the TV.  He’s working on his laptop and I’m typing this and thinking about what I’m thankful for today.

Today I’m thankful that I like to cook.  Because if I didn’t like to cook and had to cook for 3 kids every day, I’d probably go insane.

(Sam refused to eat even one bite of dinner tonight.)



I read quite a few blogs.  A lot of them post “day in the life” posts every once in a while and I always like them.  So I kept track of most of our day today to thrill you with the excitement of it!

Here we go.

7:10 AM – Sam wakes up and comes into our room.  I pretend he’s not there until about 7:20.

7:20 AM – I get out of bed, make coffee.  Sam and I go into the living room while Aaron gets ready for work.

7:30 AM – Aaron leaves for work.  I drink coffee while Sam watches “Sid the Science Kid” on his Kindle.


7:40 AM – I hear Tucker waking but leave him in the crib while I drink coffee and think about what to do today.  (we have nothing scheduled wednesdays)

8 AM – Get Tucker out of the crib.  Change his diaper and get him some milk.  Make the boys French toast for breakfast, unload the dishwasher.  Strap Tucker into the high chair and leave the boys to eat while I get dressed and gather our stuff for the day.  (decided to go on the Hike it Baby hike in Frick Park)

8:30 AM – Clean up breakfast.  Eat my own breakfast.  Get the kids dressed and ready.  Play a while. Make beds.

9:40 AM – Leave for Frick Park.  Hike (used loosely) for about an hour then go to the playground for a while.  Enjoy being outside and feeling warm for the first time in months.


12 PM – Drive home.  Try to feed Tucker lunch but he won’t eat anything.  (he had a bunch of snacks at the park)

12:15 PM – Put Tucker down for a nap.  That’s really early for him but he’s still recovering from his sickness.

12:15-1:15PM – Institute quiet time for Sam and me.  I waste time on the internet, Sam watches more Sid the Science Kid

1:15 PM – Sam and I go outside with the monitor while Tucker continues to nap.  He rides his bike around, digs in the dirt, plays with an umbrella.  I clean all the junk out of my car then sit on the porch while Sam plays.imag9656_25281849289_oimag9663_25354267550_o

2:30 PM – come inside.  Tucker is still napping.  Sam plays with some legos then eats bread with butter which is his favorite thing to eat.  Peanut butter and jelly is a close second.  I make a couple phone calls about moving and fold some laundry.  Sam does some painting.


4 PM – Tucker is up!  Lonnnng nap for him.  I get him out of the crib.  He eats a banana and I start to get us ready to drive to the South Hills.  We slowly get ready and then leave at 5.

5 PM – Drive to the South Hills.  Sit in traffic forever while Tucker says “car car car” repeatedly and Sam says “Why are we stopped?  Why are we going slow?  Is there a red light?  What is traffic? Why don’t we go faster?”

5:40 PM – Pick up Chipotle for dinner and then drive to Dormont to look at a house.  Aaron meets us there at about 6:20.

6:20 PM – Go look at a house for sale to possibly live in or possibly buy as an investment or possibly for no real purpose at all other than we like to look at houses.  Wander around Dormont for a while then drive home.  Sam falls asleep in the car…

7 PM – Get home.  Try to convince the kids to eat some of their dinner that they refused to eat earlier.  Play

7:40 PM – not bath night for the boys so we put them in pajamas and do the bed time thing.

8:10 PM – boys in bed.  Aaron gets changed and heads to the Troy Hill house to work on it.

8:15 PM – I clean up the house then take a shower.  Then I put on music, sit on the couch and start typing this.

9:30 PM – Read/look at things online then I’ll probably go to bed around 11