Sam and Tucker’s Farm Party

I’m finally getting around to posting about Sam and Tucker’s birthday party which was about a month and a half ago.

We did a joint party at our house.  I went with a farm theme because both kids love tractors.

I had most of the food catered from the Market District which was great!  I ordered a ton of mini sandwiches, fried chicken and a caprese salad.  I ended up ordering way too much because I was worried about not having enough.  I think we ended up having about 45 people to the party.

I made a fruit salad to go with the catered food.  In a pig 🙂  Pinterest.


My mother-in-law made a lovely cheese plate:29467310653_148919552d_o

We had the party in the backyard.  The weather ended up being nice but windy. That gazebo came down about 4 times prior to the party…  Aaron ended up nailing and zip tying it directly to the deck.30060354686_67ed052a04_o

I set up a piggy bank painting table for an activity and the favor.  I ordered the piggy banks from Oriental Trading.29980700032_91132278f0_o

We set up a kiddy pool in the yard and the water table.  I made that plaid fabric banner for the party and it’s still hanging outside.  They’re sewn together on a strip of bias tape which made it pretty easy.30011464541_a6f2e4c884_o

Here’s a closer picture of the pig table:


I found these pinwheel straws at Target in the dollar section.  Unfortunately I don’t think most people realized they were straws.  I loved them though.  Target gets me.30011469741_75f0361b09_o

Aaron built this barn for a photo back drop in the yard.


Singing happy birthday:

29980691382_94a4a55ef2_oI tried three different chocolate cupcake recipes to find one I liked.  I ended up using my favorite chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes.  I also made rice crispy treats (bales of hay) and brownies.


It was a really fun party!  And the gazebo made it until the very end when the wind picked up and it went down 😮




Sam had preschool this morning so we did the drop off at school then Tucker and I stopped at the bank then came home and had some breakfast.   We cleaned up a bit and Tucker forced me to read Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night about 14 times, then we headed out to Trader Joe’s.  Got some groceries, ran into another preschool mom at the grocery store about 5 times in the tiny store (not a bad thing, just awkwardly running into people repeatedly, you know?) then went to pick up Sam at preschool at noon.  We played outside of the preschool for about 20 minutes then drove to Aaron’s office to drop off some groceries for him for lunches.

We got home around 1 and then Tucker went down for his nap at 1:30.  Sam and I made some lunch (leftover burgers and sweet potatoes from dinner last night).  Sam asked for a burger with ketchup and mustard so I heated one for him.  He put tons of ketchup and mustard on his plate then took one bite and said he was done.  ONE BITE.  And we don’t have a microwave so heating things isn’t extremely easy.  Ah well.

Now he’s watching a little Curious George while I write this then we’ll probably go outside for a little bit while Tucker finishes his nap.

So that’s our day.

A few random other things…

I made a bunch of top knot head bands for a local mom’s little girl.imag8797_24597162842_o

My serger is still with the sewing machine mechanic but I’m hoping to get it back Thursday.  I found a new pattern for a shirt that I want to make for myself.

Tucker’s little shoe lace broke today.  I am disappointed because they’re only a couple months old.  I wrote an email to Saucony.  Sad, tiny shoe.imag8831_24151600973_o

Yesterday, Sam had his first swim lesson.  He loved it.  That kid loves to swim.  And they have them wear swim caps. Toddlers in swim caps.


We also went to look at a house in the evening when Aaron got home.  We liked it.  However, it is, of course, a fixer upper.  So we’re debating.  It wouldn’t be a permanent move because I don’t think we understand the whole “forever house” concept.  I’ll write more on the subject soon because we need to make a decision!

It’s oddly like Spring here in Pittsburgh so we’re heading outside.

Sewing Toddler Leggings

It snowed here today so we skipped preschool and played outside instead.


During Tucker’s nap, I made him a pair of leggings with a new pattern from Brindille & Twig (they have so many cute patterns).  The pattern was really quick and easy.  It’s just one pattern piece that you cut out twice.

This was my second project with my new serger and I’m officially hooked on serging.  It’s so much easier and neater than using a zig zag stitch on knits.  I used some of the French terry fabric that I also used for a sweat shirt for myself.


I’ll have to take a picture of Tucker wearing them tomorrow.  (He’s sleeping now).  I made the size 2-3 even though Tucker is 15 months.  They’re a bit long on him but I serged the leg holes before hemming them so I can cuff them.  Tomorrow I’m going to make another pair but add plaid knee patches 🙂  I was planning on putting the patches on this pair but totally forgot until after I already sewed them together.

Since we were home all day today, I decided to reorganize the stored kids clothes…


And Tucker got REALLY mad because he wanted Sam’s milk instead of his. #thetoddlerstruggle


Now I have to go watch Orange is the New Black.


Back to Blog

I haven’t written a blog post in a year maybe?  Not sure.  Sam is now 3 (almost 3.5) and Tucker is 15 months!  We’re living in Squirrel Hill right now though we’ll be moving again in August!!

Here’s a pic of the boys sharing a yogurt before bed on Christmas eve.IMAG8188-2

I guess part of the reason I stopped blogging was that the computer we had was a piece of junk and made it really difficult to blog.  The other reason was that I was focusing on my screen printing Etsy shop.  We got a new computer for Christmas and I stopped doing the screen printing thing so here I am, blogging again.  I am thinking about starting to sell sewn items in my Etsy shop but I’m not sure if that’s really what I want to do either.  We’ll see.

In the mean time, maybe I’ll blog once in a while 🙂

I’ve been sewing a lot and sewed a bunch of Christmas gifts this year.  I made a cowl neck sweatshirt for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

I used the free pattern from The Sewing Rabbit but added plaid fabric to the inside of the neck.  Loved this pattern!  I’m planning on making myself one too once I figure out how to use my serger.  I did not use a serger for this one below because I didn’t have it yet.  I might make the sleeve cuffs longer and add thumb holes in the next one because thumb holes are awesome.IMAG8069-2

I attempted quilting for the first time too.  I used this free pattern and was pretty happy with how they turned out!  I had to fake embroider the names with just a tight zig zag stitch so the names definitely aren’t perfect but it worked out.  My parents got me an embroidery machine for Christmas though so lots of monograms coming soon.IMAG8068-2

I made a handbag for my mother-in-law too.  It’s a tote bag pattern that I tweaked.  I cut up an old leather jacket and used the leather to make the bottom of the bag.  There are two pockets inside and a magnetic snap closure.  IMAG7962-2

I also made a little zipper pouch that fits inside of the bag.  Zippers are evil!  I ruined a couple pouches before getting this one mostly right.


I made my father-in-law a boxy dopp kit bag aka a toiletry bag.  I used more of the cut up old leather jacket for this and lined it with cotton camping material.  This pattern was kind of difficult and my box ended up being a bit asymmetrical. IMAG8100-2


And I made a billion cookies to give out as gifts.  I haven’t done cookie decorating in quite a while.  IMAG8117-2

And that’s all the DIY gifts this year.  Now the holidays are over and we’re getting back into the swing of things.  On my fourth load of laundry today! Also, I’ll probably get my domain name back ( once I figure out my GoDaddy password…….. <3Pam

Another Quick DIY Valentine: Burt’s Bees


I made a few Valentines for the teachers of Sam’s Mother’s Day Out program today.  They were quick and and very similar to yesterday’s.  I added a printable of the labels without Sam’s name (under supplies, below) in case you want to use it.  I used again.  They have a bunch of images available so I just tweaked one of their templates with other images.


  • Plastic treat bags (from Michaels/Walmart/Hobby Lobby/ or supplier of all things-Amazon)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Printable labels (i used Avery 2×2 product #22846.  I bought a giant pack of 300 from Amazon for $15)
  • Click this for my bee printable (using Avery 22846.  When printing, make sure to uncheck “Fit to Page”)
  • Printer
  • Stapler
  • Scissors/pinking shears
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (I bought a 4 pack at Rite Aid for $9.99 but I bet it’s cheaper at Target)

Print your labels. Cut out your scrapbook paper to fit the treat bags, Fold in half, stick on your label.  Staple and done!