Sam and Tucker’s Farm Party

I’m finally getting around to posting about Sam and Tucker’s birthday party which was about a month and a half ago.

We did a joint party at our house.  I went with a farm theme because both kids love tractors.

I had most of the food catered from the Market District which was great!  I ordered a ton of mini sandwiches, fried chicken and a caprese salad.  I ended up ordering way too much because I was worried about not having enough.  I think we ended up having about 45 people to the party.

I made a fruit salad to go with the catered food.  In a pig 🙂  Pinterest.


My mother-in-law made a lovely cheese plate:29467310653_148919552d_o

We had the party in the backyard.  The weather ended up being nice but windy. That gazebo came down about 4 times prior to the party…  Aaron ended up nailing and zip tying it directly to the deck.30060354686_67ed052a04_o

I set up a piggy bank painting table for an activity and the favor.  I ordered the piggy banks from Oriental Trading.29980700032_91132278f0_o

We set up a kiddy pool in the yard and the water table.  I made that plaid fabric banner for the party and it’s still hanging outside.  They’re sewn together on a strip of bias tape which made it pretty easy.30011464541_a6f2e4c884_o

Here’s a closer picture of the pig table:


I found these pinwheel straws at Target in the dollar section.  Unfortunately I don’t think most people realized they were straws.  I loved them though.  Target gets me.30011469741_75f0361b09_o

Aaron built this barn for a photo back drop in the yard.


Singing happy birthday:

29980691382_94a4a55ef2_oI tried three different chocolate cupcake recipes to find one I liked.  I ended up using my favorite chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes.  I also made rice crispy treats (bales of hay) and brownies.


It was a really fun party!  And the gazebo made it until the very end when the wind picked up and it went down 😮


Life Lately

It’s nearing the end of August! We have a busy few weeks coming up.  Aaron’s band has a bunch of shows and then Sam starts preschool and then we’re having a joint birthday party for the boys.  The party is going to be farm themed because they boys love tractors.  I have grand pinteresty plans so we’ll see how that plays out.

I’ve made a couple things on the sewing machine lately.  My sewing room is a huge mess.  I need to come up with a pattern organization system because my current system involves throwing them in piles all over the floor.  And my sewing room is a spacious 8×10.

I feel redundant posting pictures of the things I’ve made lately because I think a lot of people that read this blog also follow me on Instagram and I’ve already posted pics there.  If you don’t follow me on instagram, you can! I’m pam_foxandcotton.  I’ve really been into the Instagram “stories” lately.  I just wish more people would post them because I like watching them.  I’ve also read that some people don’t have Stories on Instagram yet.  Is this true?

Here are some pics of lately:

We took the T to the Pirate’s game a few weeks ago.  It was fun! and HOT.  We stayed through the 7th inning and Tucker completely skipped his nap that day.


We took away Tucker’s pacifier.  We started talking about taking it away around his second birthday which is the end of September.  And then one day Aaron was putting him to bed and Tucker didn’t ask for one so Aaron didn’t give him one…and that was the end of that.  It was way easier than I expected.


I tried to take a picture of the boys with balloons for their birthday party invitation but they all pretty much turned out like the ones below. fail.


I’m going to a baby shower this weekend and I’m making the cupcakes.  I made little fondant toppers for them which kind of made me want to make decorated cookies again.  Not enough to actually do it, but I thought about it for a minute.


I made these little baby pants using this free pattern.  They are really quick and use the tiniest amount of fabric.  I did the whole thing on my serger.  No top stitching or pinning required.


Now I hear Tucker waking up from his nap early… gooooo back to sleep

Summer so far

It’s Summer!  We moved back into our house in Mt. Lebanon.  We moved back at the end of March.

The boys just started Mother’s Day Out once a week so 3 hours to myself once a week!  You can’t do much in 3 hours.  Once you account for driving home and then driving back to pick up, it’s really only 2.5 hours, but better than nothing.

But it leaves very little time for blogging or sewing.  Sam doesn’t nap anymore (and hasn’t for a long time) so I don’t have nap time anymore.

Tucker will be 2 at the end of September and Sam will be 4 in August!

We just booked a quick trip to Florida for July.  Just 3 nights!  My sister-in-law is turning 30 so I was going to go by myself to celebrate with her but since Aaron had to take off work anyway to watch the boys, they just decided to come too!

Other than that trip, we don’t have any vacation on the horizon.  I kind of wish we were taking a week long beach trip like everyone else on Facebook but that’s kind of hard with Aaron’s job.  Maybe next year?  Not that I’m a beach person but a week long vacation would be fun.

Sam and I are starting to go a little stir crazy in the afternoons.  Tucker is a really good napper, which is awesome, but that means were stuck home all afternoon, every afternoon.

Yesterday I took the boys to the South Side to play in the fountains.  Except Sam doesn’t really like spraying water and it turned out that Tucker was sick.  So it didn’t go over so well.


Here’s Tucker later in the day being a poor, sick baby.


We’ve been making lots of these chocolate popsicles with our 99 cent Ikea popsicle molds.



And we finally threw in the towel with our oven that has caused problems since the day we got it.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I got this LG one this time and so far it’s awesome!!


As for sewing, I have about 20 things that I really want to make but the only time I have to do it is Sundays and evenings after the kids go to bed.  And when 8:30 rolls around and the kids are finally in bed, the last thing I feel like doing is sewing.

I just saw this awesome fabric at Spool.  It’s cotton chambray.  I want to make a shirt out of it for myself.  Plus they have paper airplane printed cotton!


Alright, time to go bring clothes in from the line outside.  I love how line dried clothes smell.

Back to Pittsburgh


We’re back from Florida!  Did I even mention that we were going? The boys and I went to Florida without Aaron for 5 days to visit my parents.  I got sunburnt.  Oops.  I don’t typically get sunburnt so this was surprising.  Of course the boys were completely covered in spf 50 so they’re good.


We had a fun time!  And we missed the last bit of awful weather in Pittsburgh.  Sam and I just cut the grass this afternoon while Tucker napped and now he’s watching Inside Out for the millionth time this week.

We’re going to have BLTs for dinner tonight and soup.  We took a family trip to Trader Joe’s last night to get groceries since we had pretty much nothing.  I have no idea what Aaron ate while we were gone.  We spent $243!  That’s a lot for us!  Aaron got some groceries of his own for lunches at work plus I planned 5 dinners to make.

We’re going to have:

Tuesday: BLTs on sourdough with roasted red pepper and tomato soup

Wednesday: Grilled chicken salads with hard boiled eggs & roasted sweet potatoes

Thursday: Chicken fajita pasta skillet

Friday: out

Saturday: hamburgers on homemade rolls & roasted broccoli


Thoughts on Insanity and Real Estate

I’m fairly sure that all moms feel INSANE.  Like yesterday, I thought to myself, I am going insane.  I am insane.  These kids are driving me insane.  I am going to FREAK OUT if he puts his foot on me one.more.time.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this.  I just think we all feel this way at some time or another.  That’s all I’ve got on that subject.

They’re so cute though.



Here’s the deal on our home buying front:

We own a nice house in a nice suburb that we renovated and made mostly nice and then decided we wanted to live in the city.  So we rented out our house in the ‘burbs and found a place to rent in the city.  We moved in August so we’ve been here 6 months.  We have 6 months left on our lease.

We’ve since realized… A. We don’t want to live in half a duplex anymore.  The kids are way too loud. B. We would like a place that is more convenient for Aaron’s job.

So we started looking around at houses to rent or buy.  And we’ve talked about moving back to our nice house in the nice suburb.

We went and looked at a house for sale, technically in the city but not really city and we liked it but it’s a fixer upper.  On the scale of the green dungeon we’ve been working on that has been completely gutted and rebuilt, and, what most people think of as a fixer upper, this is somewhere in between.  It’s livable (which is more than I can say about the nice house in the nice suburbs when we bought it) but it’s not nice and not comfortable yet.

So we’re trying to decide whether we want to move back to our old house or take on this new project.

Pros of the new house are:

  • it’s cheap and taxes are LOW
  • we would add to our real estate empire (Aaron’s words)
  • it has a den in addition to 3 bedrooms (sewing room..)
  • it’s kind of fun to take on a new project
  • it’s a great location in regard to Aaron’s job


  • there’s no off-street parking
  • it’s overlooking a Mazda dealership (that view though)
  • we’d be living in a project house again
  • small yard
  • not sure about the neighborhood/neighbors

I’m not sure where I’m going with this subject either.  Just writing as I’m thinking about it.

So, what would you do??

–>Move to the new (old) fixer-upper or move back to the renovated comfy house?