Sewing Handmade Clothes

I think the next thing I want to make is this Wiksten Tank.  The pattern comes with a tank and a dress option.  And…French seams on the inside.  So fancy.


Here’s the dilemma with sewing your own clothes: It often costs more to make your own clothes vs. buying.  Unless your buying $$$ clothes, which I do not.  #target

For example:

Wiksten tank pattern: $10 for the pdf download

Fabric: the one I want to use is $10.40/yard x 2.5 yards = $26

Total: $36 without considering time spent to make it.

Hopefully I’d use the pattern more than once so that would cut down on cost. And I could choose to use a cheaper fabric but $10.40/yard isn’t bad.

So $36 to make a tank top that would probably take 2-3 hours labor time!  #thestruggle

Kids clothes can be made more cheaply because they require such a small amount of fabric.  Like I think I made these pajamas with 3/4 yard, if that.


But wearing/seeing your own hand made clothes on yourself or gifting them is totally worth it 🙂  Best picture I could get with a 1.5 year old.


–> And in case you’re interested.  I used this Peekaboo Pattern Shop Pattern to make the pajamas.



Sewing with a Pattern! Butterick 6214

I finally got my serger back!!  The day I got it back, I made a random pair of pants for Tucker.imag9108_25114855385_o

Then I went to the fabric store and for the first time ever, I sat down at the table with all the pattern books and looked through them.  I was intimidated by this.  So many books and then looking for the pattern, but it really wasn’t bad.  First of all, I didn’t have the kids with me so I wasn’t frazzled to begin with.  Secondly, the store was pretty empty.  It was a Friday morning. So I sat down and picked out 3 patterns and found them all.  Then I wandered the store picking out fabrics forever.

img_20160220_103743_25123245336_oAnd I was searching for silk but I’m thinking Joann Fabric does not carry silk.  I couldn’t find it.  All I could find was “silky fabric.” So I picked up some rayon to make a shirt for myself.  I used Butterick 6214 and did style C but used the same fabric instead of contrasting colors. You can’t see in my pictures very well, but the front pocket is there.

I measured myself and decided to make a medium.  It seemed kind of big as I was making it but I like how it’s nice and loose.

This particular pattern had 4 different shirt variations so I was pretty confused but figured it out.  Cutting out the pattern took a lot of time for me.  This pattern said “fast & easy.”  HA.  No it probably would be fast and easy if you were more of an experienced sewer.


Also, notions.  Don’t forgot to look and see what notions are required. So this was my first paper pattern.  In the past, I’ve always bought pdf downloads and printed them. I feel like the paper pattern was more difficult because the instructions didn’t detail every single step.  The pdf downloads I’ve used have always given very specific instructions.  This pattern was like, “stitch” and i was like what??? stitch what???

But it worked out and I completed the shirt with only minimal seam ripping.


So now I’m hooked on sewing clothes.  My new goal is to create a sort of capsule wardrobe for myself for the Summer.  Also, I signed up for a sewing class all about seams which is tomorrow.  It’s called Seams, Seams, Seams!