Thankful Day 5

Monday night. All of the kids are in bed right now but I hear Sam saying “shhh.”  Sam and Tucker share a room.

So today… Sam had preschool and “lunch and fun” which means he goes for an extra hour and a half and has lunch there.  I had a dentist appointment because I had a root canal a couple of weeks ago and part of my tooth broke over the weekend 😥 I was waiting for my permanent crown.  So they pushed up my appointment and I’m sporting a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready.  This tooth has become seriously expensive.

Aaron worked from home the rest of the afternoon since he had to come home while I was at the dentist.  The boys and I went outside for a short bike ride.  It was pretty cold.  Sidney is finally big enough to fit in the Tula!


My friend Katie sells Beauty Counter products and gave me some samples to try out over the weekend.  I’ve only ever bought something other than drug store makeup once and that was because I had a gift card.  The Beauty Counter products are super natural and free of 1,500 harmful chemicals which is awesome.  I tried out the shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, facial oil, bronzer and mascara.  I felt so fancy.  I would say I liked the facial oil and the bronzer the best.  I don’t normally use facial oil or bronzer.  I like the idea of switching my makeup over to more natural products but I can’t bring myself to spend the money! If you’re typically a department store makeup person though, the prices are comparable.  (Just fyi, i’m not being compensated or anything for writing about this.  My blog doesn’t get nearly enough views for that hahaha. I just like reading about products other people use so I thought this might be of interest too. That is a link to her specific Beauty Counter page up there though because she is lovely 🙂 )IMG_9125IMG_9127

Now Aaron and I are sitting on the couch and football is on the TV.  He’s working on his laptop and I’m typing this and thinking about what I’m thankful for today.

Today I’m thankful that I like to cook.  Because if I didn’t like to cook and had to cook for 3 kids every day, I’d probably go insane.

(Sam refused to eat even one bite of dinner tonight.)


Thankful Day 4

It’s Sunday!  The boys are out taking a walk around the block.  One of our neighbors came by selling Sarris chocolate for a fundraiser so now we’re going to be getting 2 peanut butter pies.  And one of Aaron’s coworker’s kids was selling Yankee candles so we’re also going to be getting two candles…  fundraiser season.

I went out to Target this morning to get exciting things like paper towels, diapers and light bulbs.  I spent a solid 5 minutes looking at the ingredients in all the pasta sauces trying to find one without added sugar.

I walked past the new Hearth and Hand Magnolia line that came out today.  It was pretty destroyed already at 11AM.  This doll house is amazing though.


Then I stopped at Gymboree because they were having a giant sale.  I don’t think that specific Gymboree is closing but a bunch of the locations are closing.  The company filed for bankruptcy and is “restructuring”.  I picked out clothes for our Christmas photos for all the boys plus I got them some socks, underwear and two pairs of pants for Tucker.  Everything came to only $39!


The boys are going to wear these for the photos I think.


Today I am thankful for Sam’s preschool.  This is his second year there and Tucker does Mother’s Day Out there.  I didn’t really do any preschool research before picking it but it ended up being perfect.  Sam loves it! He is “friend of the week” this week so we had to make a little poster about him.  Of course he picked out that ridiculous selfie picture of me 😮



Thankful Day 2

Hello!  TWO days in a row!!

I’ve had a cold for about a week now.  I took a shot of apple cider vinegar today to alkalize my body….?


But, it’s Friday!  Aaron’s band has a show tonight but otherwise, we don’t have any plans this weekend.  I’m signed up for a Barre class Saturday morning.  Aaron wants to do house projects.

I took a cycle class today and then Tucker, Sidney and I stopped and got a couple mini bundt cakes for a Friday treat.  Those “Nothing Bundt Cakes” are so good.

Last night Aaron was doing a little work at home after the kids went to bed.  I amused myself by texting him selfies.


Today I’m thankful for our house and our neighborhood.  It was nice out yesterday and today so the kids were able to play outside.  Our neighborhood is safe and our neighbors are nice so I’m able to let the kids go for a walk down the street by themselves and play with the neighborhood kids.  I’m very thankful for that.  They get to have a bit of independence and I get to have a little quiet.


The boys are at mother’s day out this morning!  I saw two mothers singing “Freedom, 3 hours of freedom” in the parking lot after drop off.

I sewed these two little hats over the weekend.  I used this free tutorial from Make It Love It.  It is e.a.s.y. and requires very little fabric. Plus just one pattern piece.  I’m getting sick of taping together patterns.  Especially since Sam finds and uses all of my tape all the time. (The only photo I had of them was from my Instagram)



I also sewed this little pillowcase dress over the last couple of days. I kind of want to make another because I still have more of that pretty, green fabric.  My favorite thing about that dress is the pink bias tape.


My phone almost died last weekend.  I ended up having to do a factory reset.  According to Verizon, it’s because I had 6,000 pictures on my phone.  Luckily, I did not lose them. What am I going to do with 6,000 pictures?

Yesterday, I massacred the hedges.  I don’t like these hedges.  They have spikes.  Who plants hedges that have spikes?  So after I trimmed them, I couldn’t pick up the clippings because they were stabbing me through my gloves.


I watched the Game of Thrones finale on Sunday.  omg.  That show is crazy.  I told Aaron I think it’s the best show I’ve ever seen.  He’s never watched it.  Is another book coming out soon?  I’ll be curious to see how it differs from the show.

I’m wearing my homemade tank today.  This is right now.imag0089_27945547236_o

Alright, 2 more hours until I have to pick up the kids. 🙂

Summer so far

It’s Summer!  We moved back into our house in Mt. Lebanon.  We moved back at the end of March.

The boys just started Mother’s Day Out once a week so 3 hours to myself once a week!  You can’t do much in 3 hours.  Once you account for driving home and then driving back to pick up, it’s really only 2.5 hours, but better than nothing.

But it leaves very little time for blogging or sewing.  Sam doesn’t nap anymore (and hasn’t for a long time) so I don’t have nap time anymore.

Tucker will be 2 at the end of September and Sam will be 4 in August!

We just booked a quick trip to Florida for July.  Just 3 nights!  My sister-in-law is turning 30 so I was going to go by myself to celebrate with her but since Aaron had to take off work anyway to watch the boys, they just decided to come too!

Other than that trip, we don’t have any vacation on the horizon.  I kind of wish we were taking a week long beach trip like everyone else on Facebook but that’s kind of hard with Aaron’s job.  Maybe next year?  Not that I’m a beach person but a week long vacation would be fun.

Sam and I are starting to go a little stir crazy in the afternoons.  Tucker is a really good napper, which is awesome, but that means were stuck home all afternoon, every afternoon.

Yesterday I took the boys to the South Side to play in the fountains.  Except Sam doesn’t really like spraying water and it turned out that Tucker was sick.  So it didn’t go over so well.


Here’s Tucker later in the day being a poor, sick baby.


We’ve been making lots of these chocolate popsicles with our 99 cent Ikea popsicle molds.



And we finally threw in the towel with our oven that has caused problems since the day we got it.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I got this LG one this time and so far it’s awesome!!


As for sewing, I have about 20 things that I really want to make but the only time I have to do it is Sundays and evenings after the kids go to bed.  And when 8:30 rolls around and the kids are finally in bed, the last thing I feel like doing is sewing.

I just saw this awesome fabric at Spool.  It’s cotton chambray.  I want to make a shirt out of it for myself.  Plus they have paper airplane printed cotton!


Alright, time to go bring clothes in from the line outside.  I love how line dried clothes smell.