My Little T-shirt Shop — Fox & Cotton

Hey Friends!

Tucker is 6 months old now and Sam is 2.5!  Tucker is sleeping better now and going to bed earlier so things are settling down in the parenting department.

logo in canva image

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to start a toddler and baby t-shirt business.  I did it!  I designed shirts and opened an Etsy shop and started selling.  Things are going well! I made a few mistakes but I’m going to keep working on it and hopefully make it successful.

etsy screen shot pic

Right now, I’m selling mostly toddler sizes but one of the shirts is available in baby sizes too.  I’ve sold the majority of the shirts in Facebook groups but I am hoping to get more traction in Etsy and Instagram.

I’m also going to start selling tank tops and rompers!

I have a couple giveaways coming up on Instagram once I get 100 followers so please follow me!!  I’m almost to 100. Your odds should be pretty good on those giveaways with only 100 followers!

Here our some pictures of my kiddos and others wearing the shirts:
DSC_7017 DSC_6638 tucker let them eat cake size 6-12 FB_IMG_1427576032871 DSC_6447 DSC_6406 DSC_6322emmaline eat cake2

“Entrepreneurship is an itch you can’t shake. It can make you twitch, lose sleep, and crave something greater. It’s one of those things that just grows undeniably stronger with each passing day.” – unknown source but from a Shopify email


Another Quick DIY Valentine: Burt’s Bees


I made a few Valentines for the teachers of Sam’s Mother’s Day Out program today.  They were quick and and very similar to yesterday’s.  I added a printable of the labels without Sam’s name (under supplies, below) in case you want to use it.  I used again.  They have a bunch of images available so I just tweaked one of their templates with other images.


  • Plastic treat bags (from Michaels/Walmart/Hobby Lobby/ or supplier of all things-Amazon)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Printable labels (i used Avery 2×2 product #22846.  I bought a giant pack of 300 from Amazon for $15)
  • Click this for my bee printable (using Avery 22846.  When printing, make sure to uncheck “Fit to Page”)
  • Printer
  • Stapler
  • Scissors/pinking shears
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (I bought a 4 pack at Rite Aid for $9.99 but I bet it’s cheaper at Target)

Print your labels. Cut out your scrapbook paper to fit the treat bags, Fold in half, stick on your label.  Staple and done!



A few things. DIY Valentines


Hello!  Just a quick update before Sam and Tucker wake up from naps.

1. we bought a house!  It’s an investment property.  It was almost definitely cheaper than your car.  I plan on writing a post about it.

2. i want to start a t-shirt business.  Really.  I need to learn how to screen print though.  Any friends here screen printers?

3. i made Valentine’s for Sam’s little mother’s day out friends and it made my life.  This is why I became a parent.  Kidding.  But I do love to craft and they are super easy and probably just about as cheap as a regular box of valentines.


  • Plastic treat bags (from Michaels/Walmart/Hobby Lobby/ or supplier of all things-Amazon)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Printable labels (i used Avery 2×2 product #22846.  I bought a giant pack of 300 from Amazon for $15)
  • Printer
  • Stapler
  • Scissors/pinking shears
  • Bouncy balls (I bought a bag of 12 from Target for $3)

Print your labels.  If you go to and put in your product number (if you are using Avery labels), they have a million different templates.  Just click Design & Print Online and follow the steps.  Cut out your scrapbook paper to fit the treat bags, Fold in half, stick on your label.  Staple and done!

valentine3 valentine1

Some products around the internet that I like & Aaron’s quest for a good pair of jeans.

I like reading these types of posts.  Maybe you do too? So here you go, some consumerism to start the weekend!

>>These Madewell Boots: The Hayes Boot ($228)

I’m not entirely sure how you wear these.  Over skinny jeans? With cuffed skinny jeans?  I don’t know.  But I like them a lot. I think I had a dream about this last night.  Really. I’ll probably never buy them because of the price tag but I’d like to get some ankle boots for the Fall/Winter.

>>Patagonia Lightweight Travel Courier Bag ($59)

I know approximately 37 people that own this bag and use it as a diaper bag.  I don’t really carry a diaper bag anymore because Sam requires very few diaper changes and stuff but I’m going to need to start carrying more stuff soon.  I have a nice Perry Mackin diaper bag but it’s too big for daily use. So I might jump on the band wagon with this.  I mostly like the comfortable strap and the pockets on the sides that could fit sippy cups.

>>Baggu Duck Bag ($26)

I like the simple shape and design plus the price.  Might make a good diaper bag and it comes in a bunch of different colors.

For Sam:
>>Ruum Hoodie Sweater ($26.50)

I like the neutral color and no stripes for once!  I could see Sam getting a lot of use out of this.  Plus I think Ruum clothes are pretty good quality.

>>Old Navy Canvas Utility Jacket ($29.94)

Sam definitely doesn’t need this and I’m sure we won’t buy it unless I happen to find it about 75% off but I just like it and Sam would probably love all the pockets.

>>LL Bean Toddler Fleece-Lined Camp Hoodie ($39.95)

We have this hoodie in two sizes now, 2T and 3T, thanks to my parents.  They bought it for Sam last year in 2T and he got way more use out of it than anything else he has.  It’s thicker than a regular hoodie so he wore it as a jacket a lot.  It was washed many, many times and didn’t fade at all.  Definitely high quality, really soft and worth the money.  They just recently bought us the next size up for the coming Winter.  Our new baby will be able to wear them both too.

>>This introvert shirt

I’m not usually a fan of funny t-shirts but this one is pretty hilarious.  I’m an introvert.

Men’s jeans

Aaron is in need of a couple new pairs of jeans.  We went to Macy’s a couple of weeks ago (we have a gift card) and he tried on a bunch of different Levi’s but didn’t like any of them.  He has a pair of 511’s right now but he’s not a huge fan of them.  He really only wants to spend like $30-40 (or you know, even less) on jeans.  He likes slim but not really skinny jeans.  I wonder if we should check out H&M.  To stay in that price range, I think that might be the route to take.  Any advice on slim fit, fairly cheap, men’s jeans?  Or maybe you know of a brand that is worth a higher cost because they last a long time?  Aaron is tough on jeans.

Things I Like #2

  • Trader Joe’s Romano Caesar Dressing

I bought this dressing a few months ago and it’s been sitting in our basement pantry ever since.  I made pizza and salad for dinner the other night and brought the dressing up for our salad.  While we were waiting for the pizza to cool, Aaron gave Sam some peppers from our salad with some dressing to eat.  Sam will sometimes eat peppers (usually dipped in hummus) but we’ve never gotten him to eat salad before until this week.

He ate a few peppers then we gave him some pizza but he skipped the pizza and kept asking for more peppers.  Very weird for our little carb loader.  Then he asked for “green leaf” from Aaron’s plate and ate it.  So we gave him salad and he ate it and kept asking for more!  My only guess is that he loves that dressing.  So he ended up eating salad and peppers for dinner.  Nothing wrong with that.

Update: I’ve tried giving him peppers with this dressing the last couple days and he hasn’t really been into it so maybe it was a fluke.  Aaron and I both like the dressing a lot though.

  • Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate ($4.99)


I love this chocolate bar.  It’s dark chocolate so a bit bitter but also smooth if that makes sense.  This is the chocolate that I most use in baking when a recipe calls for semi-sweet or dark chocolate.  It’s a giant bar and very reasonably priced for the quality.

I have a habit of constantly trying new mascaras and bought this one when I went on my coupon shopping trip a while ago.  It was at the very bottom of the CoverGirl display and only $4.99.  Turns out, it’s awesome!  It locks in the curl that my lash curler creates, doesn’t clump and doesn’t take a million coats to create thickness.  Plus it has no detectable smell.  I’ll definitely buy this again.

I received a little free sample of this in the mail (I’ve gotten in the habit of signing up for any free sample I can find) and used it twice.  It smells good and really smoothed and de-frizzed my hair.  I’ve been letting my hair dry naturally and this was really great for that.

At the suggestion of a friend, I read the first two books in this trilogy and LOVED them.  The third book just recently came out in July and I’ve been waiting on the library waiting list for it ever since.  I finally got it a few days ago and just started it.  Yes, it’s a vampire/witch book.  Nothing against Twilight (I loved those books in fact) but this is more of a grown up version of that.

We have a Sam’s Club membership that my grandparents gifted to us.   The nearest Sam’s Club and Costco are both in Robinson and we rarely head out that way so we don’t go to Sam’s Club very often.

If Sam and I do make the trip, we stop and get a soft pretzel afterward and that’s really my favorite part.  If we do venture out there, I usually get coconut oil, spices, chocolate chips, sugar, sometimes coffee, yogurt and paper towels.  I find those things to have better prices at Sam’s Club than I can find anywhere else.

–> the first Things I like post<–

I’m 35.5 weeks pregnant now and Aaron and I are convinced this baby is going to come early (we have no specific evidence of this).  Sam was born the day after his due date so I don’t think this baby will come late.

We’re not quite ready for the baby yet.  Sam’s big kid room is still in shambles though it’s coming along.  I also have to dig out the baby clothes and wash them.  I’m going to make a Target trip this weekend to buy tiny diapers, nursing pads, breast milk storage bags and probably some other things that we don’t really need.  (Target…sigh).

And I’m going to order the infant car seat adapter for our new stroller and then we’ll be set!