Homemade Tortillas & Accidentally Trespassing

I’ve been planning to make homemade tortillas for months.  I pinned the recipe from Homegrown and Healthy a long time ago but I just kept buying them at Trader Joe’s.  We go through about 2 packages of them a week and they are $2.79 each.   I make most of our bread in our bread machine and it saves us a lot of money so I wanted to start making tortillas for the same reason.

Tuesday was the day.  I was planning to make fajitas for dinner but we had no tortillas.  (I purposefully bought only one pack at the store last week to try to force myself to make them).  I looked up the recipe and made the dough — just flour, water, olive oil and salt.

The recipe made 10 large tortillas so it’s definitely much cheaper than store bought.

It’s a little bit of a time consuming process because you have to roll out each ball of dough and then cook them in a skillet one at a time.  I made it into an activity that Sam and I could do together though since the dough would be completely safe to eat raw since it’s vegan.

I gave Sam a small cutting board and a tiny rolling pin and he sat across from me and we both rolled out dough.  It kept him entertained the whole time I made the tortillas which was about 30 minutes (so win in toddler activity world).  I gave him a little pile of flour too which made a mess but he really liked.

The tortillas turned out great!  They were pretty easy to roll and cooked quickly on a dry skillet.  I would recommend rolling them as thin as possible because they puff up a bit when cooking and a couple of mine are kind of thick.

They didn’t stick to my pan at all so I don’t think you need to use any oil or butter in the pan.  Flip them once they start to bubble but you can also lift one with a spatula to check doneness.  They cooked for about a minute to a minute and a half per side over medium heat.

After they were all cooked, I let them cool almost completely but put them in a resealable bag before they were completely cool to create some moisture so they would be easy to bend and roll.

They taste great!  Aaron didn’t even know they were homemade since they look so much like the Trader Joe’s version.  I’m hoping to make a couple double batches soon to freeze for when the baby arrives.

My Bread Machine

Also, you can see my bread machine in the background of the picture above so I figured I’d mention it.  I have a Zojirushi bread machine  that my grandma bought for me probably about 6 years ago.  Mine looks like the picture below but there is a new model  now that is selling for $249 on Amazon.

I would definitely recommend this bread machine.  I use it 2-3 times a week and it’s still going strong.  I make dough using the dough setting and then make rolls and bake in the oven.

I’ve also used the jam setting to make jam a few times and it’s turned out really well too.

And just a random story about today… 

Aaron and I went to check out another house for sale here in Mt. Lebanon.  We’re not really looking for a house for ourselves but possibly an investment property.  Plus we’re both just oddly interested in the real estate market.

So we found the house, which was vacant and in really rough shape.  The house had a weird parking situation where there was supposed to be off street parking that you pulled into from the parallel street behind the house.  We pulled into the parking and walked up to the back door.

Sam and I hung out on the back porch while Aaron walked around to the front figuring the lock box was on the front door. (Aaron has his real estate license).  I decided to just check the back door and it was unlocked so Sam and I walked right in.  Then we went to the front door to let Aaron in and then realized there was no lock box.

We walked back through the house and heard Aaron yelling, this is the wrong house.  hahahaha.  We accidentally walked into the house next door which was also vacant.  Oops.  How odd that two houses right next door to each other were both vacant and one was completely unlocked.

So I grabbed Sam and we got out of there quickly and walked over to the correct house…