Thankful Day 9

Monday again!  The weekend was pretty low key.  Friday night we looked at a house then got dinner from the Market District prepared foods.  Saturday morning I went to a Barre class then stopped at Whole Foods since I was alone 😮


My in-laws picked up Sam and Tucker around noon to spend the day and night.  It’s so quiet without the older boys.  Aaron did some more painting of our basement steps and then we went to look at another house that we liked a lot. It has a tree house!  I thought the boys would be so excited about the tree house because every few days Tucker asks if we can build a tree house and I always tell him “we don’t have a tree.”  So I told them about this house and they were like, “yeah whatever.” 😦


Sidney had the longest nap of his life, probably because the boys weren’t around to wake him, and then we went out for Thai food.  We went to Thai Touch in uptown and brought a bottle of wine since it’s BYOB and we only had one kid.


Sunday… the boys came home late morning and we pretty much just hung around the house all day.

I just pulled this hat out for Sidney that both Sam and Tucker wore too.  Here’s a Sidney vs Sam comparison.  Sidney is 3.5 months and Sam was 5 months.


Today I’m thankful for naps.  I took a 2 hour nap yesterday.  I was exhausted.  It was amazing.


Thankful Day 4

It’s Sunday!  The boys are out taking a walk around the block.  One of our neighbors came by selling Sarris chocolate for a fundraiser so now we’re going to be getting 2 peanut butter pies.  And one of Aaron’s coworker’s kids was selling Yankee candles so we’re also going to be getting two candles…  fundraiser season.

I went out to Target this morning to get exciting things like paper towels, diapers and light bulbs.  I spent a solid 5 minutes looking at the ingredients in all the pasta sauces trying to find one without added sugar.

I walked past the new Hearth and Hand Magnolia line that came out today.  It was pretty destroyed already at 11AM.  This doll house is amazing though.


Then I stopped at Gymboree because they were having a giant sale.  I don’t think that specific Gymboree is closing but a bunch of the locations are closing.  The company filed for bankruptcy and is “restructuring”.  I picked out clothes for our Christmas photos for all the boys plus I got them some socks, underwear and two pairs of pants for Tucker.  Everything came to only $39!


The boys are going to wear these for the photos I think.


Today I am thankful for Sam’s preschool.  This is his second year there and Tucker does Mother’s Day Out there.  I didn’t really do any preschool research before picking it but it ended up being perfect.  Sam loves it! He is “friend of the week” this week so we had to make a little poster about him.  Of course he picked out that ridiculous selfie picture of me 😮



Thankful Day 3

Saturday!  I went to Barre class this morning at Sweat then we all got ready and went to a  Fall festival in Upper St. Clair.  We took a hayride through a parking lot.  Suburbs.

I did a drive by of a house that’s in foreclosure then texted Aaron a picture telling him it’s our future house.  Aaron thinks I should get my real estate license.  Maybe I will?  I told him people will probably get annoyed because I’ll send them too many houses.

We had lunch at The Yard in the Galleria after the festival.  It’s up on the third floor where about a million restaurants have come and gone in the last few years.  They put in an elevator which was great because we had a stroller with us.  The food was really good!  I had shrimp lettuce wraps.  Aaron had The Yard Burger and the boys had mac and cheese and a kid’s burger.  The service was good and Aaron and I both really liked the food and the coffee.  The server said they serve Allegheny Coffee.  BRGR is right below The Yard and I’m thinking it’s going to be bad for their business.


Sam and Aaron are working on painting the door and walls to the basement now.  Aaron also pulled the carpet off the steps to the basement.

I booked a photo mini session for Christmas photos which is coming up in a few weeks so I’m shopping around for coordinating outfits for the boys.  I’m thinking something like this:


Today I’m thankful that we can afford (and also have the time for) eating out and taking holiday photos and going to local festivals.  We’re pretty lucky 🙂

Thumbprint Cookies & The Weekend

It’s Monday!  Friday night we went out to dinner.  Saturday, Aaron left early to go work on our house in the North Side so I took the boys to the Waterfront because we had a couple errands to run.  We took a walk on the trail there and then played with the hola hoops.

Saturday evening we went to a wedding so my in-laws watched the boys.  The wedding was fun!  We were seated with a bunch of my second cousins who didn’t even remember me because they’re all like 10 years younger than me!  I have quite a few second cousins.  Also, I used to babysit the girl who got married.

I wore a red dress.  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of bright colors.  However, I am a fan of off the shoulder straps.  Two people asked me if I made the dress.  I did not.  Someday maybe.  Right now, lining things like this seems to be over my skill level.imag9732_25103589254_o

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  Aaron took the boys to breakfast and I did a bit of sewing and thinking about the fact that we’re moving in two weeks and haven’t started packing yet.

I made these thumbprint cookies  from Brown Eyed Baker (she’s a Pittsburgh blogger) for the wedding cookie table.  I followed the recipe almost exactly except I added a little extra milk to the dough because it seemed a little dry. (This may have been because I use vanilla bean paste instead of regular vanilla extract.) But they were really good!  I didn’t have any dutch process cocoa so I used Hershey’s Special Dark which was surprisingly good.  Regular Hershey’s cocoa powder is not good.


Also, I didn’t take them out midway through baking and press the indentation again like the recipe said.


I bought blue sprinkles in the bulk bins at the grocery store.  I doubled the recipe for the dough and the frosting and it made exactly 6 dozen.  Apparently thumbprints are a Pittsburgh thing?  I had no idea.  But definitely make these!  Thumbprints are my favorite cookies. Mainly I like frosting.  And sprinkles.  So sugar.  I like sugar.


The Weekend

It’s Monday! Sam had swim class this morning.


Poor Tucker seems to be sick again so he’s napping early today.

I had my birthday, hotel stay this weekend.  It was very relaxing!  I somehow got sucked into watching three romantic comedies in a row Saturday night.  I don’t even particularly like romantic comedies but I couldn’t stop watching.

Here’s the weekend in some photos:

I did a lot of this:


Ate this breakfast two days in a row.  Didn’t really read the newspaper.  Brought all the tiny jelly bottles home for the boys.imag9541_25405405842_o

Saturday morning I had a massage.  My first one.  It’s kind of a weird thing.

Then I wandered around downtown and reminisced about having a job.  I used to walk through this parking garage a lot.


Picked up Thai food for dinner and bought snacks at Rite Aid Saturday.imag9553_25531720435_o

Pad Thaiimag9556_24905121973_o

Sunday I went to the gym and mostly just watched the Travel Channel and took mirror selfies.  Then I went in the Eucalyptus steam room and melted.  I only lasted about 5 minutes in there.


Then the boys came to pick me up and brought me a birthday card! Then we had cupcakes before dinner because we wanted to end the weekend on a wild note.imag9573_25535599356_o

And now it’s Monday! Tucker is napping right now and it’s nice and sunny outside today so Sam and I will probably go out in a few minutes.