Sewing Handmade Clothes

I think the next thing I want to make is this Wiksten Tank.  The pattern comes with a tank and a dress option.  And…French seams on the inside.  So fancy.


Here’s the dilemma with sewing your own clothes: It often costs more to make your own clothes vs. buying.  Unless your buying $$$ clothes, which I do not.  #target

For example:

Wiksten tank pattern: $10 for the pdf download

Fabric: the one I want to use is $10.40/yard x 2.5 yards = $26

Total: $36 without considering time spent to make it.

Hopefully I’d use the pattern more than once so that would cut down on cost. And I could choose to use a cheaper fabric but $10.40/yard isn’t bad.

So $36 to make a tank top that would probably take 2-3 hours labor time!  #thestruggle

Kids clothes can be made more cheaply because they require such a small amount of fabric.  Like I think I made these pajamas with 3/4 yard, if that.


But wearing/seeing your own hand made clothes on yourself or gifting them is totally worth it 🙂  Best picture I could get with a 1.5 year old.


–> And in case you’re interested.  I used this Peekaboo Pattern Shop Pattern to make the pajamas.



Toddler Dress with Buttons

imag8891_24211483093_oI pinned this little free dress pattern to my sewing pinterest board a long time ago and finally got around to making it.  To be honest, if my serger wasn’t STILL in the shop, I probably wouldn’t have made this.  But it’s a pattern you don’t really need a serger for.  Just a zig zag stitch.


It’s only three pattern pieces and doesn’t take much fabric at all.  I just had this fabric on hand from other projects.

The bodice is lined but the skirt is not.  I actually want to make this in my size but figured I should follow the pattern first and then attempt to make an adult size pattern.  I managed to cut and get most of the dress finished during Tucker’s nap.  

Also, the seam allowance is in metric.  And I hemmed the skirt too much because I was being lazy, so maybe it’s on the shorter side for a 2/3T.


This pattern was fairly easy but it involves a placket and I had no idea what that was… Rather than spending the time googling, I just kind of guessed, so the back is a little messed up.  It works though. (You can see how the placket is a little uneven/bunched in the picture above.)

For the back, I cut buttons off of one of Aaron’s old shirts because it’s what I had on hand.  If I make it again, I’ll probably buy some buttons that are a little bigger and contrast more. And you know, they’d match, whereas these ones don’t. Also, I broke three buttons sewing them!  I refused to hand sew them so I used my machine.  It’s a miracle I didn’t break any needles.

Also, sewing button holes is oddly satisfying.

imag8889_24470701419_oI sent the dress to the daughter of a friend from high school.  She is adorable!


I think, if I attempt to make this in an adult size, I’m going to have to mess with the bust and lower the waist a little.  Plus I think I’ll shorten the sleeves.  I like the cap sleeves but I would like them to be a little less capped.  No clue if I could actually manage this!

Back to Blog

I haven’t written a blog post in a year maybe?  Not sure.  Sam is now 3 (almost 3.5) and Tucker is 15 months!  We’re living in Squirrel Hill right now though we’ll be moving again in August!!

Here’s a pic of the boys sharing a yogurt before bed on Christmas eve.IMAG8188-2

I guess part of the reason I stopped blogging was that the computer we had was a piece of junk and made it really difficult to blog.  The other reason was that I was focusing on my screen printing Etsy shop.  We got a new computer for Christmas and I stopped doing the screen printing thing so here I am, blogging again.  I am thinking about starting to sell sewn items in my Etsy shop but I’m not sure if that’s really what I want to do either.  We’ll see.

In the mean time, maybe I’ll blog once in a while 🙂

I’ve been sewing a lot and sewed a bunch of Christmas gifts this year.  I made a cowl neck sweatshirt for my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

I used the free pattern from The Sewing Rabbit but added plaid fabric to the inside of the neck.  Loved this pattern!  I’m planning on making myself one too once I figure out how to use my serger.  I did not use a serger for this one below because I didn’t have it yet.  I might make the sleeve cuffs longer and add thumb holes in the next one because thumb holes are awesome.IMAG8069-2

I attempted quilting for the first time too.  I used this free pattern and was pretty happy with how they turned out!  I had to fake embroider the names with just a tight zig zag stitch so the names definitely aren’t perfect but it worked out.  My parents got me an embroidery machine for Christmas though so lots of monograms coming soon.IMAG8068-2

I made a handbag for my mother-in-law too.  It’s a tote bag pattern that I tweaked.  I cut up an old leather jacket and used the leather to make the bottom of the bag.  There are two pockets inside and a magnetic snap closure.  IMAG7962-2

I also made a little zipper pouch that fits inside of the bag.  Zippers are evil!  I ruined a couple pouches before getting this one mostly right.


I made my father-in-law a boxy dopp kit bag aka a toiletry bag.  I used more of the cut up old leather jacket for this and lined it with cotton camping material.  This pattern was kind of difficult and my box ended up being a bit asymmetrical. IMAG8100-2


And I made a billion cookies to give out as gifts.  I haven’t done cookie decorating in quite a while.  IMAG8117-2

And that’s all the DIY gifts this year.  Now the holidays are over and we’re getting back into the swing of things.  On my fourth load of laundry today! Also, I’ll probably get my domain name back ( once I figure out my GoDaddy password…….. <3Pam