Life Lately

It’s nearing the end of August! We have a busy few weeks coming up.  Aaron’s band has a bunch of shows and then Sam starts preschool and then we’re having a joint birthday party for the boys.  The party is going to be farm themed because they boys love tractors.  I have grand pinteresty plans so we’ll see how that plays out.

I’ve made a couple things on the sewing machine lately.  My sewing room is a huge mess.  I need to come up with a pattern organization system because my current system involves throwing them in piles all over the floor.  And my sewing room is a spacious 8×10.

I feel redundant posting pictures of the things I’ve made lately because I think a lot of people that read this blog also follow me on Instagram and I’ve already posted pics there.  If you don’t follow me on instagram, you can! I’m pam_foxandcotton.  I’ve really been into the Instagram “stories” lately.  I just wish more people would post them because I like watching them.  I’ve also read that some people don’t have Stories on Instagram yet.  Is this true?

Here are some pics of lately:

We took the T to the Pirate’s game a few weeks ago.  It was fun! and HOT.  We stayed through the 7th inning and Tucker completely skipped his nap that day.


We took away Tucker’s pacifier.  We started talking about taking it away around his second birthday which is the end of September.  And then one day Aaron was putting him to bed and Tucker didn’t ask for one so Aaron didn’t give him one…and that was the end of that.  It was way easier than I expected.


I tried to take a picture of the boys with balloons for their birthday party invitation but they all pretty much turned out like the ones below. fail.


I’m going to a baby shower this weekend and I’m making the cupcakes.  I made little fondant toppers for them which kind of made me want to make decorated cookies again.  Not enough to actually do it, but I thought about it for a minute.


I made these little baby pants using this free pattern.  They are really quick and use the tiniest amount of fabric.  I did the whole thing on my serger.  No top stitching or pinning required.


Now I hear Tucker waking up from his nap early… gooooo back to sleep


Sewing with a Pattern! Butterick 6214

I finally got my serger back!!  The day I got it back, I made a random pair of pants for Tucker.imag9108_25114855385_o

Then I went to the fabric store and for the first time ever, I sat down at the table with all the pattern books and looked through them.  I was intimidated by this.  So many books and then looking for the pattern, but it really wasn’t bad.  First of all, I didn’t have the kids with me so I wasn’t frazzled to begin with.  Secondly, the store was pretty empty.  It was a Friday morning. So I sat down and picked out 3 patterns and found them all.  Then I wandered the store picking out fabrics forever.

img_20160220_103743_25123245336_oAnd I was searching for silk but I’m thinking Joann Fabric does not carry silk.  I couldn’t find it.  All I could find was “silky fabric.” So I picked up some rayon to make a shirt for myself.  I used Butterick 6214 and did style C but used the same fabric instead of contrasting colors. You can’t see in my pictures very well, but the front pocket is there.

I measured myself and decided to make a medium.  It seemed kind of big as I was making it but I like how it’s nice and loose.

This particular pattern had 4 different shirt variations so I was pretty confused but figured it out.  Cutting out the pattern took a lot of time for me.  This pattern said “fast & easy.”  HA.  No it probably would be fast and easy if you were more of an experienced sewer.


Also, notions.  Don’t forgot to look and see what notions are required. So this was my first paper pattern.  In the past, I’ve always bought pdf downloads and printed them. I feel like the paper pattern was more difficult because the instructions didn’t detail every single step.  The pdf downloads I’ve used have always given very specific instructions.  This pattern was like, “stitch” and i was like what??? stitch what???

But it worked out and I completed the shirt with only minimal seam ripping.


So now I’m hooked on sewing clothes.  My new goal is to create a sort of capsule wardrobe for myself for the Summer.  Also, I signed up for a sewing class all about seams which is tomorrow.  It’s called Seams, Seams, Seams!


Toddler Dress with Buttons

imag8891_24211483093_oI pinned this little free dress pattern to my sewing pinterest board a long time ago and finally got around to making it.  To be honest, if my serger wasn’t STILL in the shop, I probably wouldn’t have made this.  But it’s a pattern you don’t really need a serger for.  Just a zig zag stitch.


It’s only three pattern pieces and doesn’t take much fabric at all.  I just had this fabric on hand from other projects.

The bodice is lined but the skirt is not.  I actually want to make this in my size but figured I should follow the pattern first and then attempt to make an adult size pattern.  I managed to cut and get most of the dress finished during Tucker’s nap.  

Also, the seam allowance is in metric.  And I hemmed the skirt too much because I was being lazy, so maybe it’s on the shorter side for a 2/3T.


This pattern was fairly easy but it involves a placket and I had no idea what that was… Rather than spending the time googling, I just kind of guessed, so the back is a little messed up.  It works though. (You can see how the placket is a little uneven/bunched in the picture above.)

For the back, I cut buttons off of one of Aaron’s old shirts because it’s what I had on hand.  If I make it again, I’ll probably buy some buttons that are a little bigger and contrast more. And you know, they’d match, whereas these ones don’t. Also, I broke three buttons sewing them!  I refused to hand sew them so I used my machine.  It’s a miracle I didn’t break any needles.

Also, sewing button holes is oddly satisfying.

imag8889_24470701419_oI sent the dress to the daughter of a friend from high school.  She is adorable!


I think, if I attempt to make this in an adult size, I’m going to have to mess with the bust and lower the waist a little.  Plus I think I’ll shorten the sleeves.  I like the cap sleeves but I would like them to be a little less capped.  No clue if I could actually manage this!

Sewing Toddler Leggings

It snowed here today so we skipped preschool and played outside instead.


During Tucker’s nap, I made him a pair of leggings with a new pattern from Brindille & Twig (they have so many cute patterns).  The pattern was really quick and easy.  It’s just one pattern piece that you cut out twice.

This was my second project with my new serger and I’m officially hooked on serging.  It’s so much easier and neater than using a zig zag stitch on knits.  I used some of the French terry fabric that I also used for a sweat shirt for myself.


I’ll have to take a picture of Tucker wearing them tomorrow.  (He’s sleeping now).  I made the size 2-3 even though Tucker is 15 months.  They’re a bit long on him but I serged the leg holes before hemming them so I can cuff them.  Tomorrow I’m going to make another pair but add plaid knee patches 🙂  I was planning on putting the patches on this pair but totally forgot until after I already sewed them together.

Since we were home all day today, I decided to reorganize the stored kids clothes…


And Tucker got REALLY mad because he wanted Sam’s milk instead of his. #thetoddlerstruggle


Now I have to go watch Orange is the New Black.