Slouchy Shorts for Tucker


I have lots of motivation to sew right now, but:

1. I can’t decide what to make because there are approximately 187 things on my To Make list.

2. I can’t seem to make it out to the store to buy materials.  Or I go to the store and forget some necessary part because I’m frazzled from having two kids in a fabric store.

So indecisive, frazzled mom problems.


However, I did manage to make Tucker a super easy pair of slouchy shorts from fabric I already had.  I didn’t use a pattern, I just traced around a pair of shorts that fit him, added a seam allowance and some length, then cut an upside down U for the middle of the legs part.  I decided to skip elastic in favor of a fabric waist band just because I wanted to use a different color.

Then I added a little faux drawstring.  For the leg hems, I just rolled them twice and sewed little bar tacks in four places to keep them rolled.

I like them!  They were easy and took very little fabric.  I might make them a little shorter next time and make the waist a little tighter.  I also might add a little kangaroo pocket to the front. 🙂




Toddler Dress with Buttons

imag8891_24211483093_oI pinned this little free dress pattern to my sewing pinterest board a long time ago and finally got around to making it.  To be honest, if my serger wasn’t STILL in the shop, I probably wouldn’t have made this.  But it’s a pattern you don’t really need a serger for.  Just a zig zag stitch.


It’s only three pattern pieces and doesn’t take much fabric at all.  I just had this fabric on hand from other projects.

The bodice is lined but the skirt is not.  I actually want to make this in my size but figured I should follow the pattern first and then attempt to make an adult size pattern.  I managed to cut and get most of the dress finished during Tucker’s nap.  

Also, the seam allowance is in metric.  And I hemmed the skirt too much because I was being lazy, so maybe it’s on the shorter side for a 2/3T.


This pattern was fairly easy but it involves a placket and I had no idea what that was… Rather than spending the time googling, I just kind of guessed, so the back is a little messed up.  It works though. (You can see how the placket is a little uneven/bunched in the picture above.)

For the back, I cut buttons off of one of Aaron’s old shirts because it’s what I had on hand.  If I make it again, I’ll probably buy some buttons that are a little bigger and contrast more. And you know, they’d match, whereas these ones don’t. Also, I broke three buttons sewing them!  I refused to hand sew them so I used my machine.  It’s a miracle I didn’t break any needles.

Also, sewing button holes is oddly satisfying.

imag8889_24470701419_oI sent the dress to the daughter of a friend from high school.  She is adorable!


I think, if I attempt to make this in an adult size, I’m going to have to mess with the bust and lower the waist a little.  Plus I think I’ll shorten the sleeves.  I like the cap sleeves but I would like them to be a little less capped.  No clue if I could actually manage this!

A Day in the Life: 2 years old

I haven’t blogged in a few days.  Busy weekend and then I was exhausted yesterday and today!  I slept/laid in bed the whole time Sam was napping today and it was awesome.  I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and feeling tired.  

This post was written on Sam’s birthday last Tuesday.

A Typical Day for Us

7:15 – wake up and hear Sam talking in his crib.  I look at social media on my phone for about ten minutes then go and get him.  (Aaron is already gone to an early meeting)

7:30 – Sam has a cup of milk and a yogurt then plays while I drink coffee on the couch.

8:00 – I make Sam breakfast and he eats in his high chair while I empty the dishwasher, try to make a plan for the day and get myself dressed.

8:30 – I eat breakfast then get Sam dressed.

9:00 – We head to the gym.  I swim “laps” (in quotes because I am not a swimmer at all and can hardly even call them laps).  The life guard tells me that if I go into labor, to wave my arms and he’ll get me out. Ha.  Sam plays in the childcare room.  I swim for about 30 minutes then take a shower and get dressed at the gym.

11:00 – Leave the gym and stop at the bank on the way home.

11:30 – Fill up the kiddie pool and we both swim and then Sam pushes his toy mower around the yard and waters the plants with pool water.

12:15 – Aaron comes home for lunch so we all head inside to eat.

1:00 – Aaron goes back to work and Sam and I head upstairs for his nap.

1:15 – I clean up the lunch dishes then mess around on the internet and pass out on the couch until 3:15!

3:30 – Sam wakes up really grumpy so we watch a cartoon on the couch together until he cheers up.

4:00 – Sam colors and plays while I cook dinner.

5:15 – Aaron gets home and we hang out in the living room together.

6:00 – We all eat dinner.  Aaron’s mom comes over to visit Sam (it’s his birthday!).  She brought over brownies so we all have a brownie and chat.

7:00 – Aaron leaves for a meeting and Diane and I hang out in the living room and talk and play.

7:45 – Diane leaves.  I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and I try to get Sam to help me put away the toys.

8:00 – Upstairs for bath, books and bed.  We read stories forever then he’s finally in the crib at 8:45.

8:45 – I sweep the floors, finish cleaning up and light a candle.  Eat another few bites of brownie then hang out on the couch and blog.

10:30 – Upstairs to read until I fall asleep!