Thankful Day 10

It’s Friday!  Aaron’s band has a show tonight (at Light Up Night) so we probably won’t see him until later.  Sam had preschool and then we played at the playground after school.  Tucker ate a Kit Kat for the first time.  He’s a fan.


I ate a steak for lunch.  So weird and not like me but I found a steak in the freezer a few days ago that my mom bought when she was visiting.  I took it out to defrost and then just decided to make it for lunch.  I don’t know how to cook steak at all but it turned out okay.

Yesterday I took all three kids to the gym and took a Barre class then we went on a field trip to the grocery store with Sam’s class.  They’re learning about the food groups.  It was rough.  Not going on a field trip with all the kids ever again.

We’re having photos taken this weekend.  A “Christmas Mini Session” which is probably all we can manage with the baby.  So I gave the boys hair cuts this morning. 😮  I think they turned out pretty well!  Not perfect, but not noticeably cut by me.


Kitchen mess belowIMG_9483IMG_9481

Today I’m thankful for the weekend!  For about 2 years, Aaron pretty much spent every Saturday working on our rental house so our weekend was basically just Sunday.  But now the house is done and we have 2 day weekends again! hooray 🙂



Thankful Day 9

Monday again!  The weekend was pretty low key.  Friday night we looked at a house then got dinner from the Market District prepared foods.  Saturday morning I went to a Barre class then stopped at Whole Foods since I was alone 😮


My in-laws picked up Sam and Tucker around noon to spend the day and night.  It’s so quiet without the older boys.  Aaron did some more painting of our basement steps and then we went to look at another house that we liked a lot. It has a tree house!  I thought the boys would be so excited about the tree house because every few days Tucker asks if we can build a tree house and I always tell him “we don’t have a tree.”  So I told them about this house and they were like, “yeah whatever.” 😦


Sidney had the longest nap of his life, probably because the boys weren’t around to wake him, and then we went out for Thai food.  We went to Thai Touch in uptown and brought a bottle of wine since it’s BYOB and we only had one kid.


Sunday… the boys came home late morning and we pretty much just hung around the house all day.

I just pulled this hat out for Sidney that both Sam and Tucker wore too.  Here’s a Sidney vs Sam comparison.  Sidney is 3.5 months and Sam was 5 months.


Today I’m thankful for naps.  I took a 2 hour nap yesterday.  I was exhausted.  It was amazing.

Thankful Day 8

It’s Friday!  I missed posting yesterday because I fell asleep while putting Sidney to bed.

It’s freezing outside today.  There were snow flakes. 😮 Sam had preschool this afternoon so we dropped him off then went to a  12:30 cycle class.


We rushed home after class so Sidney could take a nap and I could shower and then we went to Sam’s preschool so I could read a book to the class since he’s friend of the week.  He chose Little Pea.  It’s a good one.

We haven’t done much since we got home from school.  Laundry, sort of cleaning, cartoons.  We’re going to look at another house when Aaron gets home from work.  I called Aaron this morning when I saw it and told him I found the perfect house! Ha.  I’ve told him that many, many times.  It just came on the market yesterday and they already have an offer.  hahaha.  It’s a short sale so it’s a very good price but I’m thinking it’ll sell over the listed price.  We will see.

I’ve started to add things to my Amazon cart for Christmas gifts this year.  I really don’t want to get the kids too many toys because most toys they play with for a few days then lose them or break them.  I want to get them a blocks and marbles set this year but the wooden sets are expensive!  Last year their big gifts were scooters for each of them and a big set of magnatiles.


Today I’m thankful that Sam and Tucker really like having Sidney around and Sam really likes to help take care of him 🙂


Thankful Day 7

Wednesdays are our busy days.  Tucker goes to mother’s day out in the morning and Sam has preschool in the afternoon.  We dropped off Tucker at mother’s day out this morning at 9 then headed to Sweat for a yoga class.  Sidney and Sam went into the child care for the hour class.  After class:


After yoga, we headed home for Sidney to have a little nap and then we went to pick up Tucker and drop off Sam until 2:45.  We played at the playground for a while after school then came home for Sidney nap #3.


I put some chicken breasts, chicken broth and taco seasonings in the crock pot this morning so we’ll have tacos for dinner tonight.  I always like to hear what other people are cooking so I thought I would mention our dinner here too.

The kid’s Christmas pajamas came today!  I get way more excited about these than they will.


Today I’m thankful that Sidney is a happy and relaxed little boy.  He goes with the flow pretty well and is generally easy to please. hallelujah



Thankful Day 6

Not much to report today.  It snowed though 😮

Aaron couldn’t find his wallet today so I pretty much destroyed the house trying to find it.  I dumped out all the toy bins, searched the dressers (because Tucker said he put it in a dresser) and moved all the beds.  Then..I found it on his desk in the basement underneath a piece of paper…

Sam doesn’t have preschool on Tuesdays so I took all the boys with me to vote and then we went to Trader Joes for groceries. And that’s pretty much all we did today.

Today I’m thankful that I get to stay home with these three boys every day.

116Also thankful for cartoons 🙂 🙂